Chef Aamir Liaquat Has Taken The Trolling Crown By Cooking Kapooray For Rishi Kapoor

By Iman Zia | 19 Jun, 2017

Aamir Liaquat’s done it. He’s seized the trolling crown. He is THE troll of all trolls on social media, and it’s all thanks to Rishi Kapoor’s low-blow jabs against Pakistan during the ICC Champions Trophy. Aamir bhai does have a tendency to be a bit extreme 356 days a year, and his actions have always stood out for being overly zealous, and rather extreme.


After Rishi’s little racist rant that garnered virality across Twitter Pakistanis were furious


Aamir bhai was quick to hunt out a glorious window of opportunity to do what he does best…troll

After Rishi referred to Indians as Pakistaniyon ke baap, Aamir bhai swiftly responded with a cutie patootie nickname for him…Kapooray! He said it only seemed fair to call Rishi over


Aamir bhai insisted on Rishi coming over to Pakistan to try some kapooray aka goat’s balls

عامر لیاقت نے رشی کپور کا کٹا کٹ بنا دیا

عامر لیاقت نے رشی کپور کا کٹا کٹ بنا دیا #AisayNahiChalayGa#MehmanNawaziMeinBOL

Posted by BOL Trends on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017


After Rishi Kapoor didn’t respond to taking up the invitation, Aamir saab thought it only fair to cook up some kapooray for not just Rishi, but for the rest of incredibly large Kapoor famalam too.


Aamir Liaquat was so confident of Pakistan’s win against India in the final, he had apparently already cooked up the kapooray by the time Virat Kohli was out.

Aamir Liaquat took to his show, saying that ‘jab Virat Kohli ko Muhammed Aamir ne out kiya, uss waqt tak Kapooray tayyar ho chukey the.’ He’d cooked up enough kapooray to get the entire Indian team out.

Jab Virat Kohli ko Amir nay out kia, uss time tak Kapooray tayyar ho chukey thay#AisayNahiChalayGa

Posted by BOL Trends on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017


And with his rolled up sleeves and apron, chef Aamir wasn’t kidding around

Via Bol Trends/Facebook

Like, really NOT kidding around

Via Bol Trends/Facebook


Not in the slightest

Via Bol Trends/Facebook


Oh, did we tell you, we’ve also tried kapooray?


In the words of Aamir bhai, kapooray Tehreek Zindabad! What do you think of Aamir Liaquat’s EPICNESS?

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