Aamir Liaquat Asking Kids To Spell On His Show Will Make You Say, Yeh Kya “Etiquettes” Hain

By Ather Ahmed | 9 Jun, 2017

Lets just all agree for a second that when it comes to Ramazan transmissions, Aamir Liaquat is the king. Love him or hate him, there is no denying the level of entertainment value he brings to the table. With his quick wit and brashness coupled with over the top theatrics Aamir Liaquat has given us plenty of memorable moments. The guy is simply a legend and doesn’t need to wear a t-shirt to prove it.


His Ramazan shows have given us some unforgettable moments that will go down in history

Source: tribune.com.pk


Be it shoving an aam down someone’s throat

Source: expressentertainment.tv


Or making Taher Shah sing eye to eye with a snake coiled around his neck

Source: geo.tv


This year he debuted a new show called “Game Show Aisay Chaley Ga” where he’s giving out planes as prizes

Source: bolnetwork.com

Yes airplanes. Can you believe that? The guy is giving out three private jets this time around.


Recently he had students of the Karachi American School on the show and he schooled them in the English language

Source: brandsynario.com


Amir Bhai asked some of the students to spell the word ‘etiquettes’

Source: bolnetwork.com


Much to his delight most of the students were unable to answer the question and then the “grand daddy” of cringe  took the opportunity to ridicule his guests

He kept on saying Ameericayne skewwl. Not sure what that means?

Source: bolnetwork.com


At one point he even snatched a kid’s phone. Not cool Aamir Bhai.

Source: bolnetwork.com


Things took a weird turn from there on as he forced some kids into making awkward small talk in English with one another

Source: deenga.com

The kids took Aamir Bhai‘s shenenigans rather well, one of them even managed to win Rs 10,000

Here’s Aamir Liaquat and his guests showing some exemplary “etiquettes” in the video


Oh and there was a Donald Trump reference too, ‘jis mulk ka saddar Donald Trump ho wahan etiquette ka kis ko pata hoga‘.


Cover image via: @AamirLiaquat / Twitter

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