Who's This Girl In The Yellow Shirt That's All Over Our Ramazan Television?

By Sajeer Shaikh | 9 Jun, 2017

Lately, Fabiha Sherazi is being noticed by quite a lot of people

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


She started making waves on social media after being sighted on Fahad Mustafa’s show, Jeeto Pakistan

Ever since then. Pakistanis have watched her grace the show with her presence. Everyone seems to be on the lookout for when she comes on screen.

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


Donning her trademark yellow shirt, she seems to have paved a path for herself into the hearts of Pakistanis everywhere.

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


And we kinda get why, tbh

I mean, just look at that smile. Does it not make you feel like wars don’t happen and the world is a perfectly happy place?

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


When she isn’t being adorable AF on the show, she’s busy being adorable AF on Instagram

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


Here she is, slaying this look. Matlab, wah. Kya baat hai

Source: Facebook/Fabiha Sherazi


And here she is again, looking next level haseen

Source: Facebook/Fabiha Sherazi


Side note: she really seems to like yellow

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


Fabiha seems to have garnered a bunch of loyal followers

Source: Fabiha Sherazi / Facebook


People really seem to like her

Like, A LOT

Some are suggesting that she may just be Pakistan’s new person of interest, iykwim

The awaam wants to get to know her – up close and personal

Some claim that she’s the only reason they watch Fahad Mustafa’s show

She’s already got people making fan art for her

Some people think that she’s on another level altogether

Source: Fabiha Sherazi / Facebook


Her fans are also quick to step in and console her in the face of any form of backlash

Source: Fabiha Sherazi / Facebook


Undoubtedly, Pakistanis seem to have given their dils to Fabiha

Source: Instagram/@fabiha_sherazi


Let’s just collectively hope that we keep seeing more and more of her on screen..

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