These Celebrities From Both Countries Are Really Hooked On To The Pakistan Vs India Final

By Sarah Babar | 18 Jun, 2017

A Pakistan vs India match is always a spectacle but the one going on right now is especially more entertaining. The Champions Trophy final is going on in full-swing, with people losing their minds left, right and center. Breaths are being held. TVs are being prepped to be broken at the end of the match, in the subcontinent. The roads are empty.


Pakistan and India have both had a pretty good spell in the ICC Champion’s Trophy.


And honestly, whoever takes the trophy, at this point, people arr just so pumped, either way.

Celebrities, proving they’re just like us, are having so much fun with the match right now

Now while there are collective prayers for Rishi Kapoor’s cable connection to stop working, here’s what all your favourite celebrities are saying about the match going on

From the very beginning of the match


Indians are even giving in to how amazing Team Pakistan has been playing


And general appreciation for Fakhar Zaman


From both sides of the border


And even from international stars




Even politicians are glued to their screens


As are musicians

(in the words my colleague, Arslan, aa gaya party pooper)


Saeed Ajmal is watching the match, since he’s not copying tweets from his colleagues


Bollywood Gandu is back at it again, this time not making bad jokes so that’s good


Of course, Hamza-know-it-all-Abbasi has been spewing his pearls of wisdom


People have noticed Rameez Raja and his “accent”


Yeh mausam cricket ka hai ICC jeetney ka hai



And while we’re all waiting anxiously for the match’s results, Jemima Khan just keeps on giving


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