This Bollywood Gandu Went Too Far With A Joke About Pakistan And We're Not Okay With It

By Sarah Babar | 16 Jun, 2017

We love Indian stand-up comedy on this side of the border, too. Whether it’s staying up all night watching specials by comedians and downloading every app possible, to do so. Or waiting for hours for their new videos to drop in, so I we can sit back and be entertained for an hour.


We’ve always taken the anti-Pakistan jokes with a pinch of salt.

Whether it is All India Bakchod and their jokes about Pakistani cricket, Kanan Gill and his two lines about Pakistani Army Generals working with his dad, or even Gursimran Khamba made fun of PIA air hostesses. It was all fine.

Source: When India Resigned – AIB via


However, this dude just went too far with his joke. TOO. FAR.

Karan Talwar, member and founder of comedy group SchitzenGiggles, who also goes by the handle @BollywoodGandu on Twitter, took to the social media platform, last night, and left 29.8 million users of Twitter from the subcontinent, disgusted. The, now deleted tweet, made a joke about the APS attack and similar horrible incidents against innocent children in Pakistan.

Source: Twitter/BollywoodGandu


This sad excuse for a joke wasn’t received well by anyone

(While his original tweet was deleted after some time)


And people called his sense of humor into question


And they didn’t even have to be Pakistani to point it out

Via: Twitter


Cricket was also brought in


The first person to react to this was Osman Khalid Butt

Which was literally all of us, as soon as we saw the tweet.


However, Karan seemed unfazed by this and went on to mock Osman, as well


While this isn’t the first time Karan has made fun of Pakistan, the jokes he’s cracked in the past were actually funny

And not supposed jokes in such bad taste.


Karan started off Bollywood Gandu by mocking Bollywood and the likes

And it’s completely okay for you to mock an industry. It’s completely okay for you to mock celebrities. And it’s completely okay for you to mock politicians. But the line is drawn when it comes to making jokes about someone being murdered. And we’re talking about kids here. Innocent children who didn’t want to have any part in this. Innocent children whose deaths you think is okay to mock. Well, Karan, it’s not okay.

Source: SnG Comedy / YouTube


Political correctness aside, there needs to be sensitivity about innocent children, at least.


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