15 Times Casual Sexism Was Actually Hurtful To Guys

15 Times Casual Sexism Was Actually Hurtful To Guys

Call it courtesy, call it chivalry, call it whatever you want, but you can’t argue that a system designed to oppress us does occasionally work in some small ways to benefit us, especially in Pakistan. Here are fifteen times casual sexism made your day:


1. Women and children FIRST.

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I’m told there are few feminists in a house fire.


2. You will always rush out of places sooner because SEPARATE QUEUES…

source: thoughtcatalog


3. And if not, you can always cut in line and no one will say anything.

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4. When someone gets up to let you have his seat…

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5. Or holds the door open for you and your swarm of friends to walk through.

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6. You’ll never have to lift heavy things in your life.

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7. Or wait aimlessly by your car when you have a flat.

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But here’s the thing.


8. We’re not incapable of living life like you – waiting in queues, opening doors etc. for ourselves.

source: reddit


9. In fact, we strive to live like you do.

source: theodysseyonline


10. We’d trade these advantages to be more respected, more successful and more independent.

source: theodysseyonline


11. Did I mention how wonderful it feels to shut down sexist discourse?

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12. To see someone stutter cos they know you’ve got them and there’s no escape?

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13. Or to prove yourself not just as capable, but better than your male counterparts? 

source: atrl


14. Watching them bitch and moan as you succeed and they flounder?

source: smarturl


15. Or when you dominate a discussion cos even the boys know you a boss bitch?

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Cos don’t forget it, you’s a boss bitch.

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