15 Truly Awful Times Casual Sexism Is Actually Hurtful To Guys

By Shehzil Zahid | 26 Jun, 2016

Casual sexism is not sexy

Call it courtesy, call it chivalry, call it whatever you want, but you can’t argue that a system designed to oppress us does occasionally work in some small ways to benefit us, especially in Pakistan.

Here are fifteen times casual sexism made a woman’s day and hurt men real bad:


1. Women and children FIRST is one form casual sexism that many, many men experience

Source: Tumblr

I’m told there are few feminists in a house fire.


2. Women will always rush out of places sooner because SEPARATE QUEUES is a form of casual sexism cloaked in the garb of “respect”

source: thoughtcatalog


3. And if not, women can always cut in line and no one will say anything because casual sexism works both ways

Source: Tumblr


4. A man is almost always expected to get up to let women have his seat…

Source: Tumblr


5. Or holds the door open for women and their swarm of friends to walk through.

source: wifflegif


6. A women never have to lift heavy things in her life because of course chivalry is another form of casual sexism that can work to oppress all genders

source: lostandfoundmusicstudio


7. Or wait aimlessly by her car when she has a flat tire

source: wifflegif


But here’s the thing.


8. Women are not incapable of living life like men – waiting in queues, opening doors etc. for ourselves is casual sexism that also infringes on women’s freedom to assemble and be able to fully participate in public

source: reddit


9. In fact, women strive to live like men do because of the freedoms that a man enjoys in our society

source: theodysseyonline


10. Pretty certain many women would trade these advantages to be more respected, more successful and more independent.

source: theodysseyonline


11. Did I mention how wonderful it feels to shut down sexist discourse?

source: giphy


12. To see someone stutter cos they know you’ve got them and there’s no escape?

Source: Tumblr


13. Or to prove yourself not just as capable, but better than your male counterparts? 

source: atrl


14. Watching them bitch and moan as you succeed and they flounder?

source: smarturl


15. Or when you dominate a discussion cos even the boys know you a boss bitch?

source: wifflegif


Cos don’t forget it, you’s a boss bitch.

Source: Tumblr


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