Captain Marvel Is Not Releasing In Pakistan, Because India Might Be Playing Petty Again

By Arslan Athar | 14 Mar, 2019

Captain Marvel released internationally on the 8th March, and while it was expected to release in Pakistan on that date too, our luck was just not that great. Ever since there has been no word on when the film would come out here, however, it now seems like Captain Marvel will not see the light of day in Pakistan at all.

Cinepax Cinemas confirmed Marvel fans’ greatest fear through a Facebook post earlier today.

They said that the Disney regional office did not give Pakistan the right to release the film here.

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


Well, this brings up the question as to WHY the Disney regional office would do that? 

According to a story by Variety, Disney’s South Asia Regional Office is in India, and it’s being run by a man named, Mahesh Samat. It seems like India is playing petty yet again, that too with a product that isn’t really theirs, to begin with. The wording of Cinepax’s statement does give the impression that this is linked to the Pakistan-India issue.


People are REALLY distraught by this news and made the ‘India’ connection almost immediately. 

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


Fans immediately began worrying about the upcoming Disney releases. 

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


This is honestly just really sad!

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


Of course, Pakistanis started finding alternatives.

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


On one end, people were spelling the end of cinema days in Pakistan. 

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


While there were some people who were convinced this was happening because of bad practice by Pakistani distributors. 

Source: @cinepaxltd / Facebook


Initially, the evidence to support this claim was not readily available, however, as this news grew on social media, another Pakistani publication,, claimed that the Disney regional office is not giving Pakistan the rights for the movie over issues of payment. This was according to a close source they had.


Soon after this, Samaa TV ran a news story that seems to have finally settled things once and for all. 

Samaa had spoken to Mandviwala Entertainment, who said that the notion that ‘Captain Marvel’ not releasing in Pakistan has anything to do with political tension is totally baseless. Samaa also spoke to Eveready Pictures (the local distributor for Disney films), and their representative, Aziz Pasha, who said that this delay has come up due to price negotiations between them and Disney after a third party offered Disney more money for the rights of the movie. Disney has now asked Eveready Pictures to raise their price. Aziz Pasha, however, seems optimistic that this price negotiation will end soon.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures

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