Here's How Much Imran Khan Makes In One Month And WOW, Was NOT Expecting That

By Biya Haq | 14 Mar, 2019

Oh, okaaaaay Mr. Immy.

So, ARY News just came out with a report on how much our Prime Minister, Imran Khan, makes in one month.

Source: ArabNews.Pk


And contrary to our belief, Immy K is not rolling around in money like we automatically assumed he was. Yep, according to the News report,

Imran Khan makes less than 2 lakh Rupees per month.

Source: ARY News

And he is not exempt from taxes, lmao.

Imran makes about 196,000 a month.

Being our Prime Minister, you’d think that Imran Khan was minting money, spending it like crazy and enjoying personal benefits for him and the Mrs. However, as a pleasant surprise, it seems that Immy K. is pretty much an employee to his country and we aren’t paying him super well, lmao.

According to a breakdown of his income, Imran Khan is actually earning less than many of his Federal Ministers who are paid 2.5 lakhs every month.

Now, he does get an allowance of 50,000 rupees and an ‘AdHoc allowance’ of 21,000 rupees as well as  And being the Prime Minister, you do get to live in the official residence of the Prime Minister and be equipped with his security details and summer houses, but the actual salary of being the state head? Not the best salary agreement!

Following the genesis of Naya Pakistan, Imran Khan has allegedly made it his business to make sure that payments within the government to officials and Ministers of all kinds would be kept at a humble amount, instead of increasing pay to ridiculous amounts.

Recently, following the gathering of the Punjab Assembly, Khan tweeted with regards to his disappointment to members of the Assembly asking for pay raises.

It seems as though Imran is his doing his best to keep a tight hold on the Government’s wallet by making sure unnecessary spending is avoided and clearly, that includes himself. Guess it’s a Naya Pakistan after all. ~

Take a look at the entire video here! What do you think about Imran’s pay slip? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Dunya News/ARY News

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