21 Pakistanis Who Just Can’t Deal With PTCL Anymore

21 Pakistanis Who Just Can’t Deal With PTCL Anymore

21 Pakistanis Who Just Can’t Deal With PTCL Anymore

PTCL has been a perpetual pain in the ass for many a people leading to countless badduaein, curses and gaaliyaan being leveled at PTCL. Social media is full of memes, graphics, testimonials, tweets, status updates, snaps and whatnot of people sharing their woeful experience with the telecommunication giant.

These Pakistanis, though, have just about had it. They’re absolutely done with PTCL now:


1. Like this guy for whom the struggle is real


2. And this one who hates that she can’t tweet without PTCL


3. This guy is praying hard for his internet


4. This person decided to hold a very important survey


5. This person is afraid of PTCL


6. And this guy is annoyed because he can’t download his illegal torrents


7. This guy is probably a spokesperson for PTCL


8. He just realized PTCL also needs internet


9. And this one is in a race to be lazier than their internet


10. This brother is trying not to feel too lonely without his internet


11. This guy couldn’t agree more


12. This one has words of wisdom for PTCL


13. This tweet is still loading thanks to the internet


14. This lady is not looking at an Ayesha Sana-like bright future


15. There is positive criticism for PTCL coming in from this one


16. This guy just let his frustration out about what’s really the problem


17. This guy just decided to call out everyone


18. And this one just decided to keep his complaint short and simple


19. This girl thinks her internet is suffering from constipation


20. This guy thinks that PTCL is worse than… OMG… “the politicians”


21. Finally, this guy has a heartbreakingly real story


Do you have a PTCL-problem story?

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