Can Someone Explain Why This Video Of Salman Faisal And His Wife, Neha Dancing Is Getting So Much Hate

By Arslan Athar | 13 Feb, 2019

Actor Salman Faisal just had his wedding. The events were grand and the couple looked absolutely gorgeous.


Their valima day before marked the end of all the official festivities.

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Love ❤️ mashallah outfit by @theworldofhsy

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As it happens with desi weddings, after all the main events have wrapped up there is a long list of dawats at literally every relative’s and family friend’s house. Salman and Neha’s wedding has been no different. Last night, at possibly their first post-shaadi dawat, the couple danced to ‘Khali Bali’ and seemed to be having a pretty awesome time.


Kyunke logon ko kisi aur ki khushi raaz nahin, there were some pretty rude comments under the photo. 

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


We all watch movies and dramas, we actually enjoy them sometimes, but then we still resort to calling actors, ‘kanjers’. 

Hypocritical, no?

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


People were asking questions that have nothing to do with their own lives. 

Nothing special happens every day on the internet *rolls eyes*

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


Everyone should aim to be like Ranveer Singh. 

Lesson 1 in being Ranveer- MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


I simply don’t have the words for this one…

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


Pakistaniyo ko kuch nahin hua! Fikar mat karein. 

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


Yes Facebook, I want to react ‘Astagfirullah’ on this comment. 

Via All Pak Drama Page / Facebook


At the most basic level, this is JUST a video of a married couple happily dancing to what seems to be their favorite song. It’s cute, it’s sweet and it just shows how much in love and comfortable they are with each other. A lot of comments on this were about how dulhans must act in a certain way, and make kheer. Of course, each family has their own traditions and customs, but that rasam was basically to help the new bride break the ice with her new ‘family’. Now if Neha if dancing with her husband, it only shows that that ice breaking really isn’t needed- everyone knows each other and are comfortable enough with each other. And let’s be real for a moment, some aunties most probably teased them into doing this dance.

Moreover, the way people are commenting on this photo just shows how we still see marriage on our culture- we expect to see an awkward, shy and sharmeela couple every time. Salman and Neha dancing goes SO opposite to that perception of marriage that people are actually getting offended. It’s high time we look at marriage differently.

Stop hating, and keep dancing Salman and Neha, you guys got moves 😜

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @salmanfaisal666 and @sadiafaisal / Instagram

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