Cake Your Day With These Amazing Delicacies

By Shanzeh Jalali | 23 May, 2022

Something sweet to go through the day is just what a person needs. 

Cakes are something that every person loves

Adults, kids, toddlers, and tweens; there is no person who does not enjoy cake melting in their mouths. There is just something about this treat that evidently makes everyone’s birthday (and day) better. 


Imagine, a mixture of flour, eggs, and milk combined together to make something this delicious. Now, the cake is not just limited to sponge or malt. There are many different kinds of cakes that the majority can enjoy. 


Here are 11 different kinds of goodies no one can resist


Coffee Cakes


A rich blend of strong coffee is mixed in the batter. This type of cake is for those who keep it a little light on the sugar. 




It sounds pretty absurd but when the cream cheese melts on your tongue, you can’t help but close your eyes. Newyork cheesecake is one of the most famous and most sold types of cheesecakes all over the world. 


Three Milk Cake


Yes, the name is given because of the recipe. After the sponge is made: condensed milk, powdered sugar milk, and cream are syringed into layers. 


Apricot Cake


Apricot Cake is a Hunzai delicacy. Right near Passu, you have to climb a hundred stairs to eat Hunza’s famous Apricot Cake.


Lotus Cake 


Calling out to lotus biscuit fans. Just like Oreo, Lotus biscuits now have us in a chokehold. Lotus cake has a lotus spread in between the layers, as well as a lotus biscuit topping.


Milky Malt


Milk chocolate combined with cake; who wouldn’t want that. The rich chocolate proves its worth by shaking hands with the chocolate cake. Surely, a sight (and taste) for sore eyes.


Red Velvet 


If the Mughals were to have a favorite continental dessert, it would definitely be red velvet cake. The combination, consistency, and cream cheese in between the layers are unbeatable. 


Lava Cake 


Who said mistakes can’t make a name for themselves?

Lava Cake was a culinary mistake made by a top-tier French chef. Lava cake combination with vanilla ice cream, mind exploding.


Vanilla Confetti Cake 


Party in the house and a party in the mouth. This type of cake is well known for being the star at birthday parties.




If you’re not keen on having a 2lbs cake, cupcakes would be a good fit for you. These bite-sized ecstacies should not be underestimated. 


Cake Pops


Cake on a plate or cake on a stick? Either way, cake wins the day.


These are some of our favorite cakes. Let us know which type you prefer in the comments below.

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