24 Hours And A Broken Laptop Later Here's How I Survived Through My Worst Nightmare

By Arslan Athar | 14 Nov, 2016

I have always deeply believed that technology and gadgets hate me. I do everything that you’re supposed to but one *teeny weeny* detail left out and bam, there are million viruses and my data is wiped clean.

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Technology are not the best of friends and no one ever seems to believe me.


I was laptop-less for a day (this time, at least)

Via: Tumblr
Via: Tumblr

Not because of my ineptitude but because I play with it too much. I know this all sounds super #FirstWorldProblem-esque, but hey you’re already reading it so deal with it. Anywho, I’m hopelessly fidgety and while using my laptop I would play with my charger wire. Well guess what, that was a terrible idea and I killed my charger wire :'(


About two weeks ago I noticed, my laptop would charge at weird angles only

I didn’t really pay any attention to it until two days ago when charger bhaijaan died! It was a matter of 2 hours and then my laptop was no longer functional either.

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Ab kya karun?!……….

Khair, at that time it was 2 AM so I just went to bed but when I got up the next morning and reached for my laptop, an empty void opened up in my heart.



Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

In that moment I felt so lonely and cut off. Yes, I had my phone but I still felt strange. Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Twitter just isn’t as fun on a phone. Without my laptop, how would I effectively procrastinate or even actually be productive at all?


But I decided I couldn’t spend my entire day mourning

So I grabbed my notebook and planned out my day. The to-dos, the urgent purchases and any other shenanigans. And surprisingly I got it all done. In fact, I felt like I spent my Saturday very productively, and we all know how lazy Saturdays can be (and Sundays bhi).

With all the day’s work done, ab kya karun?! I did something I haven’t done in a while, I planned my week. Bigger tasks that need to be done, smaller ones. This is when I realized HOW BADLY I NEED TO ORGANIZE DAYS. Sitting on the cusp of Monday (because Sunday bohut tezi se guzar gaya) I had a view of what my week would look like. I felt super put together but then I remembered what I did to my laptop charger, and put down ‘buy new laptop charger’ for my tasks on Monday.

Source: make-a-meme
Source: make-a-meme


Looking back at those 24 hours, I actually got a lot of stuff done.

I now know what I need to do and how I need to do it, because without my laptop I was able to think in my free time whereas with it I watch pretty random YouTube videos. I waste so much time, it’s obscene.

Via: Tumblr
Via: Tumblr

I may have just come across that one thing that will change my life forever: putting time aside to be organized and disconnecting from the internet every once in a while. All because of my dead laptop charger. You the real MVP, dead charger.


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