Boys, This Brand Is Bringing Sexy Back So What's Your Excuse Now?

By Arslan Athar | 9 Jan, 2019

The fashion world today is pretty focused on women and their needs. As a man, it’s quite disheartening to step into a store and find a sad little corner dedicated to your shopping needs. Even when there is a store just for men, there’s nothing really exciting or new in the collection. Even online, the options for men here are very limited.


Imagine my surprise when I very randomly stumbled upon an Instagram account for men, that actually looked amazing. 


Everything was perfect; the clothes were on point and don’t get me started on the aesthetics. 


Their designs are clearly innovative and a good break away from the stuff available in the market. 


Now, we were pretty intrigued by this and decided to speak to the man behind ‘Manstream’. 

The brand has been around for little over a year now and was founded by Umer Shoukat. Speaking to MangoBaaz, Umer said ‘Professionally I am a Chartered Accountant but I have always had an inclination towards fashion and designing with a strong belief that aesthetics are something that actually helps you to stand out and differentiate from the rest.’


We also talked about their collections and the inspiration behind their funky, yet classy looks. 

‘Our collections are mainly based on breaking the monotony, yet keeping in mind the practicality of fashion as well as the masculinity of a clothing line.’


This inclination towards ‘breaking the monotony’ is quite evident in their clothing. 


The collection in which this became very obvious is their recent winter collection, which designs that you really cannot find elsewhere. 


The richness of the colors they used just goes to show how serious about their fashion. 


They are, admittedly, a brand that focuses on quality, above all else. They appeal to a clientele who can appreciate that fact and won’t be afraid to spend some serious money. 


They’ve created a niche for themselves and it’s made up of men who value ‘exclusivity’. 


This brand may be young, but it understands it’s aesthetic and its customers. 

In a very short period of time, it has been able to refine its brand image and identity. The clothes they’re making are innovative and a breath of fresh air.


If I had to describe Manstream in a few words, I would say that they’re sexy, they’re dynamic and classy. 


So boys, what’s your excuse? 


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