People Are Furious At These Students From LUMS Casually Joking About Harassment

By Alveena Jadoon | 12 Dec, 2017

Some LUMS students started this web series series called Walkie Talkies. During the episodes, an interviewer goes around campus to ask fellow students questions of the day.


A recent video has sparked debate. It showcases the interviewer going around campus asking people what they would do if everything was legal on campus for 12 hours.

In this video, boys from LUMS casually joke about harassment and the interviewer encourages such views. Not at any point do any of them feel that it is wrong to joke about such grave matters nor did they rethink before making it public either – not realising how this reinforces certain acts which make people uncomfortable.


The actual video on YouTube has now been removed

Via: Youtube


There is an outrage after the video was released and students are disgusted by the views expressed

It was even difficult to grasp such casual harassment remarks

Was it their chance of finally not being politically correct and showcasing their outlook about certain matters?

No wonder people use the term parhay likhay jaahil

People were especially pissed off at the interviewer

One person advised to not take the video out of context

However, another user was quick to point out the obvious

For anyone who watches the video, it is not easy to digest such views. Casually referring to harassment and making sly jokes about it is what makes it prevalent. It encourages people to accept such instances and to not take action against those indulging in it because it has become so common.

Given the fact that harassment is such a huge issue in the world right now and how important it is to discuss being sensitive to all genders, such a reaction coming from students from such premiere institutions of Pakistan are nothing short of disappointing.

Me too.

Posted by Nida Kirmani on Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

It is also a moment for us to examine where we, as a country, stand in this pivotal time in world history.


People are so pissed off and disappointed by the expression of such views as in the video


And this person really is calling for an examination of what actual values are being taught in higher education institutions in Pakistan

It is a time to review what kids are learning these days and if it is not how to differentiate between what is or is not promoting certain dangerous thoughts, then all the effort that we are putting in the education system is going to waste.

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