Bollywood Is Legit Making Movies About The Recent LOC Crossing And Is Anyone Even Surprised

By Arslan Athar | 28 Feb, 2019

“Earlier this year, Bollywood released a film called ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ and as you can probably tell from the name, the film was about the 2016 surgical strike India conducted in response to the Uri attack that year.

Source: RSVP Productions


Following India’s LOC crossing and subsequent ‘strike’ in Balakot, people were wondering if Bollywood’s history would repeat itself. 

India and Pakistan, both indulge in producing patriotic war movies, and recently in India, we’ve seen a rise in this type of content; from films like ‘Airlift’, ‘Raazi’, and most recently ‘Uri’. In the case of ‘Uri’ the idea and the execution of the film came a bit after the actual incidents, but as of this afternoon, it seems like Bollywood is moving faster than anyone thought.

The Huffington Post reported that Indian producers are registering films with titles like ‘Pulwama: The Deadly Attack’. 

According to the new report, there has been an ‘overwhelming’ amount of applications from filmmakers for film titles surrounding ‘Pulwama’, ‘Balakot’ and ‘Abhinandan’.


One of the journalists at the newspaper went undercover to find out this information and was able to get the deed for a film called “PULWANA: THE DEADLY ATTACK”. The reporter also checked with the Bollywood regulatory body about films with titles that included “Abhinandan or Wing Commander Abhinandan”. This is the response he got; ‘Please send your application quickly. It will be gone soon.”

People online were NOT happy. 




This move was called ’embarrassing’.


These events all JUST happened, this is actually CRAZY.


Casting bhi shuru hogayi.


This is just baffling. 


It’s not even like we can say that that stuff is back to normal- tensions are still high but ain’t nothing stopping Bollywood.


It seems like war is less about two countries, more about who can gain the most out of it.


Not a good move, Bollywood!


As mentioned earlier, there has been a ‘trend’ of nationalistic films being made and it only seems to be getting more intense. However, this scrambling for film rights is just disgusting- instead of focusing on peace and the restoration of some normality, these producers are busy how to further create more anti-Pakistan sentiment and further fuel the ‘war’ mentality. These past few days should be a lesson- war between Pakistan and India is an incredibly scary thought; our focus needs to be on peace.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: RSVP Productions 

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