This Instagrammer Celebrated Her Birthday With Street Children In Karachi And It's The Sweetest Thing Ever

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Nov, 2018

Areesha decided this year her birthday would be better spent with the street children in Karachi. 

Areesha Armash is a marketing professional and in her spare time runs a micro-blog on Instagram to spread positivity.

She has been microblogging with her Instagram account for the last 5 months and has already managed to do some pretty great things.

This year when Areesha’s birthday rolled around, she began thinking about what she wanted to do for it. She admits it herself; she plans and celebrates any special occasion which comes her way. So when she was planning her birthday this year the idea struck randomly. She frequents McDonald’s KDA branch in Karachi and decided she would have her birthday there with a few special guests.

She had often seen a lot of street children in Karachi hang around especially outside the McDonald’s itself so she decided to celebrate her birthday by giving them a nice treat.

Source: Areesha Armash personal

At first, Areesha told us that she was nervous about whether the management at that McDonald’s branch would let her do this but when she got in contact with them, they were more than happy to accommodate Areesha and her young guests.

Even though the branch had several other birthday parties happening on the same day simultaneously, they made sure Areesha and her guests felt just as special as any of their other guests.

Source: Areesha Armash personal

Areesha spent her birthday this year eating, playing games and getting her face painted with street children in Karachi. And she stated that this was her best birthday yet. The children’s mothers seem incredibly happy as well when the party exited the venue.

And of course, the entire thing was just as lovely if not more, for the children who couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire party.

Source: Areesha Armash Personal

After including these children into her birthday celebration, Areesha said she felt elated. And is planning on doing this much more often.

This was the first time she has ever done anything like this and even she had her trepidations but it was all worth it. And now Areesha is encouraging other people to follow suit and do a little act of kindness every once in a while.

Source: Areesha Armash personal

Has Areesha’s act of kindness inspired you? Let us know in the comments!

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Cover Image Source: Areesha Armash Personal

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