11 Reasons Why Dating The Scorpio In Your Life Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

By Aam Nawab | 20 Nov, 2018

\Ali Butt’Tis the season of the Scorpio! And we love all the Scorpios out there. And since WE love you, we thought maybe we should give everyone a reason to love you too. So, here’s a low down on the 11 reasons why you absolutely NEED to date/marry a Scorpio.


1. Intensity is not their middle name, it’s their first name

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Ugh, hubba hubba! A Scorpio’s intense personality is hard to miss. There is no middle ground when it comes to these people. When they hate someone, they hate them hard. And when they love someone, they give their 100% and more. A Scorpio lover’s intense gaze is enough to make anyone self-conscious. When they fall for someone, they will make sure that that person feels on top of the world. From gifts to little and big gestures of love, these people will not care if the world is watching. They will make you their world.


2. How deep is their love? Oh, it’s deep alright!

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A Scorpio does not believe in sugar coating or faking it, especially when it comes to love. If they love someone, they love them with fierce intensity. But there’s a catch. These people are not as dil phenk as you might think. They choose their partners very carefully. For them to give their 100%, they must be sure that this is the person they will let their guard down with. Dhoka and dhokaybaaz people are their biggest pet peeve and they will hold their horses with the best of their love interests until they are sure about what they really want. This might mean that they won’t hesitate to test their pyaar a couple of times to make sure that they are worthy of their love. Choosing the right person is a big deal to them because once they lock the target; they’ll have a place in the deepest chambers of their hearts forever.


3. They’ll win your heart with their witty jokes and hansi, mazaak

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Scorpios are quick observers and that gives them a natural knack to make witty, often blunt jokes about any and every situation they are in. Sarcasm is innate to them and though it might offend some people, it will make others laugh their asses off. If you’re the sensitive type, you might be shocked, taken aback, offended or just roll your eyes at them.

They say it how it is, but with a twist of quick, witty humor. Bisti kernay mai yeh log easy nahi atay. But don’t fret too much, they mean no harm and that’s just how they are. This ability gives them the power to move and shake any party as they’re never short of masalay daar, witty comments. Rest assured, you’ll be laughing all the way into your union with Scorpios.


4. They talk the talk and make you fall in love

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These people are great conversation starters and carriers. They will focus their eyes on you and ask you everything about your life and future plans, making the interaction intensely intimate. They will make you feel wanted and like the most interesting person in the whole world. Small talk isn’t their cup of tea as they love to dig deep and really get to know the person that they are interested in. Word of advice, if you’re going to meet a Scorpio, make sure you go prepared to carry out an intelligent and mature conversation with them.


5. They’re one book you wouldn’t understand, but will still want to keep reading

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Scorpio people are very secretive by nature. They don’t reveal much about themselves, especially if the relationship is in the initial stages. They will keep their emotions hidden until and unless you’ve gained their trust in you, so be patient because these people will take their time to open up to you. This quality of theirs makes them crazy irresistible and attractive. Their aloofness makes a person even more intrigued and curious and you can’t wait to find out what they hide inside that heart and mind. Goodness, someone turn the heat down!


6. Wafaadaari is their middle name

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Scorpios are intense, deep, loving and to add to the icing to this steamy combination, they are loyal. If you’re the apple of their eye, they won’t let you fall far away from the tree. They will shower you and only you with the ultimate love and affection. You have them twisted around your fingers because they want to be encompassed by your love only. Scorpios will stand beside their partners till the very end and will only have the hots for them. There is a reason they picked you as their lover.  To them, you are perfect! Oooo. But be careful not to take this relationship for granted because once you lose a Scorpio, you lose them forever.


7. You will probably hear a Scorpio say, “Ghabrana nahi hai”.

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There is nothing that scares a Scorpio personality. They are here to live their life and they damn straight do it to the fullest. Even if a Scorpio does feel a little shaken, their spirit is not stirred and they will cut through the negativity with a knife and push through with zeal and motivation. A Scorpio person will rise above the dust and stand tall. Many believe that they are born leaders and will hardly depend on anyone to get their shit done in life. This makes them dependable, strong and courageous. They will not back down to take a stand for you and if they really want to spend their life with you, they will fight for you. Okay, drool.


8. They will keep all your secrets

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Scorpios are not too big on revealing their lives to everyone. They are secretive and very private in nature and will hardly ever reveal themselves fully to anyone – ever. Consequently, you damn right better believe that if you tell them a secret, they will guard it with their life. This makes their relationship with people immensely intimate and exclusive. They don’t like revealing themselves or their lover’s life to the whole world – even when there is trouble in paradise. At the same time, they are good at figuring out if you’re keeping a secret from them. They will point it out to you and give you time to tell them yourself.


9. They’re low-key Christian Grey 

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No, we’re not talking about the sex (even though that’s pretty amazing too.) We’re talking about them being controlling but in a good way. Scorpios like to take charge of their relationships. They like to call the shots and give you what you want always. Rest assured, you can sit back and let them do the work in your relationship. Pleasure is guaranteed.


10. They are your knight in shining armor 

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Beneath that tough persona, Scorpios are all about love and nurturing relationships. They cherish their loved ones and will always protect them fiercely. If a Scorpio sees that someone or something is threatening their relationship with you, they will put their armor on and be ready to fight. They do not like interference and are very possessive about you. Worry not, this possessiveness is not because of any insecurity that they have. It is about the fact that they feel that the person they love and their personal selves are one. Once the connection happens, they will wrap you in their protective arms and fight the world for ya. Aww, rulai gay kya? 


11. You won’t regret making your relationship halal with them

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If you’re set to marry a Scorpio, rest assured they make some really great intimacy partners. They are not boring and they do not like to be boring when the lights go out. Loving a Scorpio is a roller coaster ride. They are considered to be the most passionate partners in the zodiac and their whole persona oozes sexuality. Their deep need for lovable connections, intimacy and making sure that their partners are not disappointed, makes Scorpio people the best lovers. Someone, please turn the fans on, because it’s getting pretty hot in here!


Phew, the thirst is real! What do you guys think? Is your partner also a Scorpio? Tag them in the comments section below.


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