13 Struggles Of Having A Better Memory Than Your Friends

By Minaal Shamimi | 20 Aug, 2016

If you are reading this, you are one of the unlucky few who have been cursed with a memory better than the average guy. From constant “kitne badam khaate hou?” inquiries to involuntary and non-sensical recollections, only you can understand the struggle of remembering more than what is necessary.


1. When you remember the name of someone you have only met once before, but they don’t exactly pay you the same courtesy.

Source: LipstickAlley

“I am sorry, but do I know you?”


2. When you have to listen to the same story twice, thrice or a couple hundred times ‘cos others can’t remember telling it to you before.

Source: Tumblr

Please. Tell me more.


3. You remember the most random details about people you don’t even care about.

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4. And then get humiliated if people think you are stalker-level crazy when you bring up those details.

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“How did you know about my cat’s urinary infection?”


5. Or, of course, they think you are in love with them.

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Oh, sure. Not because I just have a good memory. Because that would be RATIONAL THINKING.


6. When you are retelling a special memory you have with someone and they have no clue what you are talking about.

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Jaanu, yaad hai jab hum dou mahiney pehle park mein walk kar rahe they aur aap ne mere baaloun se pata utara tha?”


7. Which offends you more than it should.

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8. When you suddenly remember all the excruciating details of that embarrassing moment from 10 years ago.

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Seems as if was just yesterday.


9. When you manage to remember the most meaningless things but not your exam course or where you left your car keys.

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10. It’s also difficult for you to ‘forgive and forget’.

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I just can’t forget how you cut in front of me in line 3 months ago.


11. Your friends always want you to remember something for THEM.

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Like, THEIR girlfriend’s birthday. Or anniversary. Or existence.


12. Yes, it can be too much to handle at times…

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13. …but you know you are secretly glad about it.

Source: Tumblr

Use your powers wisely, child.

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