This Is Where You Can Enjoy The Best Sugarcane Juice In Karachi

By Haadia Paracha | 17 Jul, 2016

It’s ABSOLUTELY burning up outside, aapke dil ke ilava aaj tou bahir bhi aag lagi hui hay. Your forehead is laced with beads of sweat, you look out the window at the brazen sun that can give you a tan just by looking at it and the idea of an icy cold sugarcane juice is just about the only saving grace of this godawful summer spell.

Isn’t this a tale right out of your summer season experience?

Now, I cannot risk oversimplification by stating the mystic properties packed in this drink called gannay ka ras. From clearing out your skin or shrinking belly fat to combating cancer, there’s more to this delicious concoction than simply being a cooler to beat the heat.

Here are some of the best places you can grab that delicious cup of sugarcane juice, come mid-day, evening or the dead of night in the city that never sleeps; Karachi:


Burns Road

Source: Danial Shah Via: Flikr

The various thela valas on this good stretch of Karachi’s oldest food street can be your best bet if hygiene doesn’t top your priority list. After all, anything for some kickass sugarcane juice, amirite?



Source: Instagram

While first only nestled comfortably in Port Grand, since it’s relocation to Khadda Market, this upmarket juice bar is a popular destination for burger bachay who want a hip hangout place to chill out with their fancy sugarcane juice that they don’t mind paying an upmarket price for.


Soldier Bazaar, near Jamshed Town

Source: Dawn

One of the earliest bazaars in old Karachi city, this place boasts a mosaic of diversity -Punjabi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Muhajir, Balochi, Parsi, Memon, Gujarati, Muslim, Hindus, Christians; you can stroll the area, make single-serving friends to go with your single serving of freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. Turn it into a date with your DSLR.


Ice Cool Juice in New Town



Right opposite to the Benori Masjid, this place is recommended if you’re actively trying to avoid diarrhea in a cup but can’t put out your cravings.


Agha Juice

Source: Pakistani

Pay homage to this humble establishment for Agha juice is as old as day, with their first branch starting off somewhere in 1960. If you have to count on anyone, count on them for their age and experience speaks volumes.


Greeno Juice Bar

Source: dhatoday

Save it for your next trip to the mall.


Bar B Q Tonite

Source: dhatoday

Foodies swear by their mean ol’ barbecue but many have recommended their sugarcane juice. Humaray kehnay pe aik teer se dou shikaar kerlijiye.


Karachi Juice Center, Hussainabad Food Street

Source: streetfoodkarachi

If you’re a fan of the street food ethos, chances are you hit the Hussainabad food street at least once a month. This street vendor not only serves gannay ka ras but also lists gola ganda, limca, falooda and ice-cream to satisfy your midnight long drives in the city.


Go grab yours already.

The ~thirst~ is real

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