Justice Was FINALLY Served In “Balaa's” Final Episode, And Fans Couldn't Be Happier

By Arslan Athar | 15 Jan, 2019

Balaa’ definitely garnered a massive following as it aired on TVs across Pakistan. From Samina Peerzada’s unforgettable role as Taimur’s mom or Ushna Shah embodying one of Pakistan’s strongest villains. Last night, the show drew to close, and fans were looking forward to the downfall of Nigar.

The episode opens with Taimur finally marrying Saba. 

The tension between the two was building for the last few episodes; the couple was definitely united by their combined wish to bring Nigar to justice, but there was also a budding romance in the midst. Their marriage sets into motion the final stages of Taimur’s plan to bring Nigar down.

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Taimur spins a web of lies and deceit, casting a shadow of doubt over Nigar and her sanity. He uses his maid and new bride, Saba to make everyone believe that Nigar has truly lost the plot. He puts up the facade of a caring husband but internally he’s only interested in seeing the end of Nigar as the plotting villain she’s shown to be.

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Upon everyone’s ‘insistence’ he chains up Nigar at home so as to protect her, however, this only further his cause of establishing Nigar as insane. Nigar is obviously fighting this as best as she can, but her father only sees this as his daughter losing her mind and pushes Taimur (to his delight) to admit her to a pagal khana. 

Once Nigar is gone, Taimur confronts her father and tells her that he made Nigar go mad. 

He recounts how Nigar got Batool killed, hid Saleha Baji’s cancer and mistreated his mother, not to mention also causing Zeba to kill herself. Her father gets riled up and threatens him, but Taimur holds all the power since Nigar transferred all her property to his name. Taimur asks him to vacate his home, thereby snatching everything from Nigar and her father.

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With Nigar out of the picture and a massive house to his name, Taimur can move in with his new family and begin a whole new life, stress-free.

As I watched the episode, the question of justice kept playing in my mind. Nigar truly reigned over his life, detached Taimur from his family and in the end killed his family too. Taimur definitely gave her a taste of her own medicine, but the lengths he went to to make her life miserable were extreme, however, a part of me was still shouting ‘YAAASSS’

Fans took to Twitter to express how much they loved the ending. 

For a while last night, the show was trending in Pakistan.

People couldn’t get enough of Samina Peerzada and Bilal Abbas

Ushna Shah! Take a bow!


Actually, everyone in this show needs to take a bow!

What did you think of the ‘Balaa’ finale? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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