Bilal Abbas Khan Takes A Evil Turn In “Balaa” And Fans Are Just Loving It

By Arslan Athar | 8 Jan, 2019

Balaa’ is about to end, since the second last episode aired last night. As the show is about to draw to a close, the many plotlines of the drama are being tied up and taken to their conclusion.

After the death of his mother, Taimur goes into a panic and begins to see through his wife, Nigar.

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Nigar spent all of the show controlling her family and her husband, pulling on people and their emotions to get what she wanted. She destroyed all those people who stood in her way.

Nigar’s obsession to be in control was initially fueled by her father but as her demands got grander and her crimes got bigger, he began to back away. 

It took Taimur the death of his sisters and his mother (yup, he really took his time) to see what Nigar had REALLY done with his family. Up till this point, he’s been the good guy in the drama, but he takes a turn. His sole goal is to take revenge and make Nigar pay for all what she has done.

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He sets up a plan with Saba, the girl he was meant to marry initially, and begins to see it through. 

Taimur makes it seem like he’s forgiven Nigar and lets her believe that everything is better between them. Since Nigar is so truly smitten with Taimur, she falls for it and is seen to be much happier, however, we see Taimur and his plan coming into play, a plan that only spells the end for Nigar.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment


For what was a good 37 episodes, Nigar made sure everything happened as she wanted, no matter the consequences and no matter who her victim is. As someone who followed the show, it was quite pleasing to see some type of resistance against Nigar and her way too evil ways, which makes the wait for the final episodes even more unbearable. Nigar was a horrendous villain, one no one rooted for and one that was played incredibly convincingly. Her downfall and defeat is definitely something a lot of viewers will be looking forward to.

Fans were blown away by Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance. 

It was all praise for the actor after last night’s show. 

People were comparing his performance in ‘Balaa’ to ‘Cheekh’. 

And of course, 2019 was made his year. 

Now, we all wait for the last episode.  











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