15 Struggles Only Those Who Absolutely Love Baking Can Understand

By Hurmat Riaz | 23 Sep, 2017

Baking is that art of making food that cannot be disliked by any being on Earth. Those who love stuffing themselves with cakes, cookies, pizzas and whatnot cannot deny the fact that baked food is the best food *still cannot beat fried though*. But those who create this heavenly food by staying hours and hours in the kitchen, can vouch for this fact that baking is the most enjoyable art of making food and can relate to the following:

Disclaimer: You might crave a cookie or a whole cake all by yourself by the end of this post. Kamzor dil walay and those on diet proceed at their own risk.


1. You spend way too much time watching baking videos

You spend hours and hours on watching those videos and take notes on how to make that perfect brownie.

Source: rebloggy.com


2. There are at least a dozen YouTube baker that you follow

Or maybe two or three dozen. Although you cannot create the same cakes but you still watch it to marvel at this form of art.


3. You’re always trying new recipes out on your family and friends that you find on the internet

They don’t always turn out to be exactly the same but at least you try.

Via: Pinterest

Don’t worry. You’ll get there.


4. You have actually been found baking in the middle of the night

Baking shit load of cookies in the middle of the night is no biggie for you.

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios


5. People around always advise you to open a bakery, or at least a Facebook page

But you drop the idea thinking that it’s too much work and it’ll take the fun away.

Source: Citrus Media / YouTube


6. You look for new baking gadgets online and marvel at their beauty

But rarely buy them because they’re too damn expensive.

Via: Pinterest /imgflip.com


7. You actually have a playlist just for your baking time

Music adds more flavor to the process and you start dancing while baking!

Source: The Walt Disney Animation Studios


8. Sometimes you pretend that you’re in a cooking show while baking

You even pretend to look at the camera as if you’re giving instructions. Lol.

Via: Giphy


9. You LOVE taking instagrammable pictures of your baked goodies

And they really keep your game up of baking.


10. People watch TV shows when they’re unable to sleep but you watch baking videos to help ease the stress of your day

It somehow gives you satisfaction and eternal bliss.

Source: Tasty / Facebook


11. Your shopping trips end up with you buying random new containers for cakes and cupcakes

There’s an exclusive drawer for all your baking supplies.

Source: novacartusa.com


12. Sadly when you bake, you’re unable to eat your own cakes

Because you’re so saturated of all the smell that whiffed out during the whole process. So you just watch people enjoying your creation.

Source: Oriental Films



13. You’ve been warned by your family not to burn down the house with your experiments

A little odd smell coming out from the kitchen will make you think kay jal gya sab.

Source: dumpaday.com


14. New kinds of icing or fondant techniques make your eyes twinkle with excitement

This is the best part of baking. Decorating all the items! *_*

Source: MasterChef / Facebook


15. You’re the go-to person when it comes to bringing a cake for a party

You sometimes think of charging your friends and family for doing that but then you realize that it might take the fun out of it.

Source: The Walt Disney Company



So bake away your worries and turn them into something sweet because that’s what life is all about.

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