People Are Confused AF Because Gangster Baba Ladla Who Was Killed Today Was Also Killed In 2015

By Sarmad Amer | 2 Feb, 2015

Earlier today news broke that the notorious Karachi gangster Baba Ladla was killed today in a shootout in the Lyari neighborhood, along with two of his associates. Baba was supposed to be one of the most wanted people in the city of Karachi, infamous for his involvement in and leadership of some criminal gangs in the city.


People have been overjoyed at the news because they believe Karachi is much less dangerous now

Some have even gone so far as to declare Karachi gang-free, now

Amidst all this “joyous celebration”, there are some who mentioned something strange

It appeared that Baba Ladla, or at least, someone with the same face and name was killed a while ago


It was all very, very confusing


So we did some digging into history to try and verify the authenticity of these tweets claiming Baba Ladla’s second coming

It appears that someone who looked like Baba Ladla, and not the original gangster, was killed in August 2015 in an exchange of fire with Iranian border security forces near the Pakistan border. However, this news was soon denied by the Pakistani security forces because they hadn’t received any confirmation to the same from Iranian officials.


Similarly, in May 2014, there was a report that Iranian border guards had killed the gangster near the Iranian city if Chahbahar. But this, too, remained unconfirmed by Pakistani security forces, according to Dawn.

Other reports of Baba Ladla being killed in years past is similarly unconfirmed, therefore, the authenticity of these previous death reports is questionable, leading us to believe that this particular incident from earlier today is the actual, confirmed news of Baba’s death.


So everyone who’s confused about Baba Ladla having been killed earlier, rest assured. This time he was really killed. Or at least that’s what we know so far… until he’s killed again 😛


P.S: Just btw, to check how observant you guys are, did you notice the date of this post? ?

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