This “Baba Jee” In Hyderabad Dresses Up As A Dulhan To Celebrate His Mehndi In Style And Like, WTF

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Jul, 2018

Dulhan walay baba jee?


Once in a while, we come across something on social media that makes us question everything we know. This is definitely one of those things.

There is a man in Hyderabad that dresses up as a beautiful blushing bride.



I mean, honestly? I have to admit I love the entire orange aesthetic. And can we PLEASE appreciate that color coordination?!

His beard and mehndi hands match his outfit.

Source: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Apparently, he’s known as ‘Dulhan Wali Sarkar‘ and appears in the dark of the night in Resham Gali in Hyderabad.

There has been a video of the Dulhan making rounds on the internet and in the video, the Dulhan is seen collecting salaami from well-wishers.


And people seem to be having a great time at the event.

Because there was a bit of dancing.


Looks like a proper Shendi.

We don’t really know the reason behind this elaborate event. But we do know, it looks like a wild night.

And apparently, it’s not a one-off thing. Because Dulhan Wali Sarkar is said to appear on quite a few nights to meet her well-wishers.

Well, we wish him (her?) good luck with this new chapter or whatever it is in his life.

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