Azfar Rehman Just Did The Kiki Challenge And Astaghfirullah WTF IS HE DOING

By Iman Zia | 31 Jul, 2018

So the #kikichallenge, as you know has swept up social media in a whirlwind for the last few months, with pretty much everyone giving a try. The dance trend is basically someone dancing to Drake’s single ‘In My Feelings’ alongside a slow-moving car. It’s also called the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and has one individual opening the passenger door of a moving car before lip-syncing and dancing to the opening lines of Drake’s song; “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Said you’d never ever leave from beside me, cause I want you and I need you, and I’m down for you always.” The dance challenge went ridiculously viral after an online comic, Shiggy posted a video of himself on Instagram busting some moves to Drake’s song. Celebrities across the world have done the challenge, and while a lot of Pakistanis have done it too, actor Azfar Rehman also participated in it but like, God bless his soul because he needs to seriously practice mastering the challenge…


Azfar took to Instagram to post his version of the dance challenge, but like, son you really need a tutorial on it because…well…


Oh, Azfar…Azfar Azfar Azfar!

Source: New Line Cinema



Source: NBC


You have to hand it to him, he tried it, but he definitely needed a few more attempts before giving us this…rather questionable attempt at the dance challenge! Various publications online picked up his version, but the comments haven’t been too favorable…

Azfar Rehman takes on #KikiChallenge #AzfarRehman #BehtareenPk

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Have you tried the #KikiChallenge yet?


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