Ayesha Omar Had A Fashion Moment This Past Weekend, And I Am Still Obsessed With Her Look

By Arslan Athar | 20 Mar, 2019

There are no two ways about it- Ayesha Omar is a freaking style queen. 

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


No matter what she wears, the girl looks fabulous.

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


This past weekend, Ayesha Omar had a couple of events to go to and picked an outfit that deserves a place in the History Book of Fashion. 

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


I have been obsessing over this ever since the photos came out. 

Even in her caption on Instagram, Ayesha admits loving the jacket to the point that she didn’t want to take it off. And we can understand why. Why would anyone want to stop feeling oh so great, and hot?

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


What’s not to love about this? The sleeves are the perfect amount of ‘dramatic’.

Who’s ever said no to a little drama? Umm, no one!

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


And the kerrian border around the jacket just adds the perfect amount of desi flair. 

On top of the jacket and it’s obvious wow-factor, the slit pants and leather heels just add to the en vogue-ness of her ensemble.

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


The design is actually from ‘Ideas Pret’ most recent collection.

The collection is called ‘Floral Raj’, and they showcased this collection at the Fashion Pakistan Week a few days back.

Source: Faisal Farooqui / Dragonfly Pakistan


We got in touch with the team behind this collection and this is what they had to say: 

“Ideas Pret presented modern wraps, jackets, statement destructured pants and stylized kaftans that are steeped in local craftsmanship and emulate the vibrancy of the Victorian era. From peplums and corseted tops to voluminous sleeves, the silhouettes were redolent of the style of the period.” This collection takes inspiration from both the East and the West and merges them into this gorgeous evening wear collection. 

It seems like since this is a bespoke collection, this entire line will be available at some stores across Pakistan. Sadly, there’s no available information on how much this particular jacket will cost.

Pakistani superstar, Meesha Shafi also went gaga over Ayesha Omar’s look. 

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


Even Ayesha’s followers couldn’t help but compliment the actress.

Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


Source: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram


Ayesha Omar, we are absolutely in love with your style and your wardrobe! Please never, EVER, change that about your self. Here’s hoping the rest of your 2019 is just as fashionable, and on trend at this moment.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @ayesha.m.omar / Instagram

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