Ayesha Omar’s Pictures From Istanbul Will Make You Scream “TURKEY HERE I COME”

By Arslan Athar | 12 Jun, 2018

I don’t need to tell you that Turkey is freaking gorgeous. The pictures will do the talking!

Source: Hurriyet

I mean, WOW

Source: Telegraph

It’s on all our travel lists but let’s be real, we all need a push to get the ball rolling on planning a trip. Sometimes that little push comes in the form of a celebrity traveling there. This time around, Ayesha Omar took a trip to Istanbul and haye, her pictures want us to just pick up our bags and go! Now, let her pictures do the convincing!

The city looks just as great at night

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

Just imagine it, you’re sitting at a nice little cafe, sipping tea and watching the sunset

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

Ayesha Omar got to meet salt bae himself

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

She got to savor some of Turkey’s finest meats

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

Humein bhi chahiye aisay cool pose walay Instagram posts

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

She also got to see some pretty cool street art 

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

What a vibrant city!

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

Now this could make a fun background for a whacky Boomerang

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

When Marilyn meets Mona, or as Ayesha said it, Mona Monroe

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

She also got to lounge about in a huge yellow chair

Yes, yes we know it was for a shoot she did in Turkey, but heck, it still looks like a blast

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram

She also met up with Ainy Jaffri in a cafe supposedly just for cool people 

Source: @ayesha.m.omar // Instagram
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