This Man Tried Smuggling Hash In Peanut Shells And Lol, 10/10 For Creativity

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Mar, 2019

Pakistanis are nothing if not innovative when it comes to charas.

The fact that quite a few Pakistanis smoke charas is not news to anyone.

Source: AFP

And to keep up with the considerable demand for the drug, there has to be a steady supply. Charas is more easily available in the country’s Northern areas because it is mostly grown there but to be made available in other areas of Pakistan, it has to be smuggled.

Drug suppliers are constantly trying to innovate in ways that they can smuggle this drug to other parts of the country. And similarly, this man had a seemingly genius idea on how to transport some charas.

In peanut shells.


Source: @muneebawajid1 via


Source: @muneebawajid1 via


Source: @muneebawajid1 via

First of all, how did he even MANAGE to do this? I am so impressed with this person’s commitment level. Imagine breaking apart hundreds of peanut shells perfectly so that they could be seamlessly put back together with the charas inside. WOW. You can imagine the amount of time that must have been spent doing this.

But hold up, this is not the only WTF thing in these pictures. Did you notice something else which seems a little, for lack of a better word, weird?

Let me point it out for you.

Source: @muneebawajid1 via

Yep, the law enforcement officer is ~casually~ holding hands with the arrested individual. Now the only way holding hands for them makes sense to me is that the officer did not have any handcuffs on him and decided holding hands would prevent the culprit from getting away.

So it’s just not the arrested individual who got creative. Poori qaum talented hai, bhaye! 

Other people also took this as proof of how talented Pakistanis are.

And okay, we are aware that we are speaking with regards to illegal drugs and the possession of them and we just want to make it clear that we do not condone the use of drugs or think that it’s cool that this guy packaged a bunch of hash in some peanuts and called it a day. Drugs are bad, drugs are not cool.

But, lmao, other than the actual use of the drugs for recreational use, honestly, this is amazing. I will truly never not be amazed by the length Pakistanis will cross to stay out of trouble. And still, somehow fail.

What do you think about this innovative idea to smuggle drugs? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cover Image Source: @muneebawajid1 via

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