Atif Aslam Has Aik Naya Khwaab & He Is Dreaming Big With Zong 4G

By MangoBaaz Studio | 26 Mar, 2021

Atif Aslam has Aik Naya Khwaab, do you?

Zong 4G has dropped a new song with the legendary Atif Aslam and people just can’t seem to get enough of the new song, and neither can we TBH! Now this is what happens when you combine Pakistan’s  No.1 singer and the largest 4G network.

Zong 4G is once again making waves with its latest campaign “Let’s Get Digital”.


Featuring Atif Aslam singing Aik Naya Khwaab with his world-famous voice in a fresh and upbeat song, Zong 4G has for Pakistan’s youth.

Source: Zong


Now let’s dive into how Zong 4G will make your dreams come true

The TVC showcases 3 unique stories of our digitally connected GenZ who are on a pursuit of fulfilling their dreams. Now that’s the true representation of how Zong 4G has enabled the Gen Z to stay connected, make the most of their digital lifestyle with the incredible speed, coverage, and experience and realize their dreams and passions into reality! That’s where the all in all slogan, Aik Naya Khwaab comes in.

Source: Zong

The campaign has also received love from some of Pakistan’s biggest names such as Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram, and Waseem Badami who were in awe of the true representation of Pakistan’s digitally connected Gen Z in the ad.

We’re still humming to the beat of Atif Aslam with his melodious chants of Aik Naya Khwaab

So, who better than Atif Aslam to lead way for young Pakistanis? He is undoubtedly Pakistan’s most loved youth icon, and Atif’s mesmerizing voice in this new song is surely a treat for all! “Aik Naya Khwaab” will leave you wanting more as you go through the thrills and excitement of the campaign. Zong 4G is helping Gen Z give life to their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or leading social causes and having their voices heard with their favorite digital network.

Source: Zong


Is Zong 4G really an embodiment of the new digital era?

Zong 4G is undeniably the front-runner in technology and innovation and it’s at the forefront of today’s digital transformation as well with its remarkable data services. With over 14,000 4G towers (yes, you heard that right we said 14,000! Crazy, isn’t it?), Zong 4G has the widest 4G coverage in Pakistan, naturally making it a one of a kind 4G experience.

Hold your horses though because there is more! Zong is the first network in the entire region to give people the real 5G experience. With this cutting edge 5G technology, Zong has not only established itself as Pakistan’s leading network but it has also been pivotal in bringing forth this digital revolution.

What better way to stay connected than with Zong 4G? Zong 4G is truly a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a network that will help you digitize your life in all the best ways!

Wait, why are you still sitting? Get up, let’s jump and dance to the beat! Kyunkay, ye hai Aik Naya Khwaab!


Cover image: Zong 4G

This post has been sponsored by Zong 4G

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