Asim Azhar Bought A Car For His Ammi And The Story Behind It Is SUPER Cute

By Anoosha Rehan | 21 Jun, 2020

Asim Azhar is always looked up as to a cute guy who does everything right and is immensely talented. He recently shared a photo on in the internet of a car he bought that his mother always wanted, and we are lovin’ it!

Asim Azhar shared how he was finally able to get the car that his mother always wished to have.

The moment we’re able to make our parents’ dream come true is when we know we’ve really made it. Asim here talked about how his mother always wanted a Fortuner. Eventually, he managed to make her dream come true, after putting in a ton of hard work. What a proud moment indeed!

The singer posed with his new purchase, looking all radiant.

Source: @AsimAzharr / Twitter

Asim shared another adorable photo of his family standing beside, and sitting inside the white, shiny Fortuner.

Just…look at these pictures.

Source: @AsimAzharr / Twitter


Source: @AsimAzharr / Twitter

Fans were blown away by the sweet gesture and sent blessings his way

Everyone was happy about how he’s doing the utmost to please his parents

Some people also had some strange requests

Isn’t this all super sweet? My heart is full! What do you think about this? Share with us in the comments below!


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Cover image via: @AsimAzharr via Twitter

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