Asad Umar Has Spoken Up About The Spread Of COVID-19 In Pakistan And People Are Worried

By Maryam Khalid | 3 Oct, 2020

Asad Umar warns of a second wave of Covid-19.

As the lockdown started to lift in various parts of the country, everything started to return to normalcy. Shops, malls, restaurants, and even educational institutions have reopened. The public has almost forgotten that COVID-19 exists, as there is no strict implementation of SOPs anywhere.

But unfortunately, there are recent reports of increasing infection rates in Pakistan

Also, some doctors are sharing their personal accounts of seeing a rise in the number of cases

COVID wards have started to fill up again. Are we on the brink of the second wave?

People have also started sharing how their relatives are getting sick due to the virus

All of the statistics are available on authentic government databases, which means it isn’t a hoax. The general public has started to raise alarms to get the situation under control before it totally goes out of our hands. Provided the current situation with restaurants, malls, markets, and schools open to full capacity without social distancing or proper SOPs, the situation is very likely to get messy.

Asad Umar has also now warned everyone that marriage halls and indoor dine-ins are emerging as potential breeding places for COVID

Provided the fact that everybody is hanging out in restaurants and also, shaadi season is just around the corner, these places might contributing to the spread of COVID-19. Asad Umar tweeted that NCOC has directed all provinces and federating units to implement strict SOPs in these places.

Asad Umar might be very right because once shaadi season resumes, there would be practically no social distancing and hence the subsequent rise

The public is agreeing with this fact and want SOPs to be implemented everywhere

Although all of us have been pretty much pretending that we’ve left the COVID-19 part of our life far behind, our ignorance doesn’t align with the truth. If we are not careful now, we will, once again, experience a very horrible situation where due to rising cases.

Let’s practice social distancing again and make maximum use of masks and sanitizers. Stay safe everyone!

Additionally, what do you think of Asad Umar’s warning? Are you following the SOPs? Let us know in the comments.


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