As A Guy, I'm Going To Celebrate My Romance With My Bike This Valentine's Day

By Owais Bin Asad | 9 Feb, 2019

February has started and all of us, single and committed, are looking towards that one day. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Some people will go out with their significant others while some will stay at home and watch Netflix. I, on the other hand, will be spending Valentine’s Day celebrating my romance with my bike.

Now hold up. “A bike?!” you say. Precisely. See, like there are cat people and dog people, there are car people and bike people.


Some of us petrol junkies love our cars and some of us love our motorbikes. As much as I like cars, there is just something about riding a motorbike that nothing can beat. So, I’m gonna rant about the things bike lovers experience:

The most important thing is your connection with the bike.

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Now, that may sound weird but hear me out. When you’re on your bike and you accelerate even slightly, you get that immediate feedback. The engine, that is LITERALLY BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, revs up and roars. You feel this electric current run down your spine as your bike zooms past everything else. At that moment, it’s just you and your bike; you’re one. You shift your weight slightly to the left and the bike responds by turning left. You lean forward while accelerating and you feel the wind change its attitude.

Then we’ve got the looks, the aesthetics.

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Whether you’re riding your bike or standing right beside it, you both look gooooood. A clean, polished bike with its rider is an aesthetic I’d go for every day. The shine, the curves, and those carefully designed edges all add up to a picture perfect bike.

Getting upgrades for your bike is a heavenly feeling.

I’m gonna hear a lot of people saying “OMG bike parts are so expensive, how do you enjoy this?” Chup. Things you love are worth fighting for (uff…only if I’d applied the same advice to people, I wouldn’t be writing about my bike on Valentine’s Day lmao). I agree that the parts are expensive but the feeling of riding the bike after you get new tires or get that shiny new muffler is amazing! It’s like wearing a new suit for the first time. Honestly, I’d get new tires instead of getting a new suit for myself.

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It’s not always nice. For example when you lose a tire.

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See, if you’re driving a car and one of your tires gets punctured or simply bursts, you’ve got a spare in the back. But when you’re on a bike and the same happens, there’s nothing you can do. The only solution is to WALK YOUR BIKE to the nearest tire shop and then get back on the road. And let me tell you something, the tire shop is never close. It has always been at least a kilometer away every time this happened to me.

But back to the good stuff. You get to beat (-ish) the rush hour.

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Everyone hates rush hour. There’s a massive traffic jam everywhere. You leave one route to take, what you thought was the less crowded, other route and there’s just as much traffic. But bike riders have an advantage here; we get to squeeze our way between cars to get to the front of the jam and leave sooner. Half the pleasure is reaching home earlier and the other half is watching the misery on car driver’s faces as you squiggle your way out of a jam.

When that fuel tank is full and there’s an open road.

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The feeling of having a full tank of fuel and the open road in front of you is incomparable. It’s just you, your bike and the open road. You can go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. Bonus points: You can even go to places where cars can’t so…you know, you’ve got an edge (no hate, car lovers).

Riding a motorbike, taking care of it – it’s all a wonderful experience.

You develop an attachment with a non-living object to the point that you even talk to it, maybe even give it a name (not me bro, definitely pfft). It doesn’t matter what kind of motorcycle you have; it could be a 70 cc one or a V-Twin Engine Water Cooled 300 cc one, the love is the same.

What stories do you have with your bike? Let me know in the comments!


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