Here Are All The Times Ranveer Singh's Style Made You Really Confused

By Arslan Athar | 5 Feb, 2019

Ranveer Singh has dominated Bollywood for some time now, and it would be an understatement to say that his influence is also now way beyond just the screen. The actor, in recent times, has truly blossomed in terms of his fashion game and has come to own and shape his own aesthetic no matter how whacky or out there it might be.

For some people, he might be over the top and eccentric, but those are all the things that make him unique in the industry. Ranveer Singh has singlehandedly broken all the so-called ‘fashion rules for men, and it has been such a pleasure to take that journey with him.


1. Recently, Ranveer wore and rocked pink like it was nobody’s business. 


2. You need more than just GUTS to wear leopard print, on leopard print, on leopard print. 

If there is one person who can pull this off, it has to be Ranveer.

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3. I think more than anything, you need a serious amount of confidence and self-belief to wear such bold prints and still look this good. 

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Gianni would be proud 👾

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4. Head to toe print is his comfort zone. 


5. Holographic puffer jacket, paired with a neon shirt? Only Ranveer Singh could wear this and own it. 

Like, I can’t even be mad at him for doing this. He fully embodies the clothes he wears and also he carries them off with such swagger- how can anyone be mad at that.


6. The man has created a brand for himself with his clothing. 

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Damn it feel good to be a gangsta

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7. If there is one person who doesn’t care for ‘gendered’ clothing it is Ranveer. 

His outfit for one of his wedding receptions is proof. The colors, the detailing, and OH THE JEWELRY! You can’t deny, the man looked smoking hot.


8. Even his sangeet ensemble was unforgettable. 

He wore a pink angrakha with a beautiful detailed red waistcoat.


9. At this point in the article, you should know that even his suits aren’t the usual kind of suits.


10. If Versace himself were alive, Ranveer would have been his freaking muse.

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Medusa head on me like I'm 'luminati

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11. What color combinations hasn’t this man tried out. 

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12. Come to think of it, Freddie Mercury and Ranveer Singh could have shared a wardrobe.


13. At this point, I don’t even know how to caption this, but it should be known that I mean this out of love and admiration. 

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Get Money 💰⭐️ #JioFilmfareAwards

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14. I mean, wow. He can pull just about anything off. 


15. If I were to ever see Ranveer in ‘normal people’ clothing, I wouldn’t know how to react. 


16. So much sona, so much swag. 


17. It’s pretty safe to say that he’s made his place in history. 

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You might think he’s over the top and overrated (HOW DARE YOU), but you cannot deny that he’s left his mark on fashion and on Bollywood for all the right whacky reasons. It might take us some time to understand and wrap our heads around his aesthetic but as long as he is unapologetically himself, it doesn’t matter anyway, because we’ll still be falling for him, regardless.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @ranveersingh / Instagram

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