A Teenager Lost His Life While Making A TikTok Video And It's Upsetting Many People

By Noor | 4 Jan, 2020

Ammar, a teenager, and an avid TikTok user, lost his life while shooting his next TikTok video. He was from Sialkot and was a college student. According to his friends, Ammar was filming his next TikTok video and ended up getting shot in the stomach.


The investigation is still being done by police, who have now taken his friends in custody. According to the residents of the area, Ammar and his friends often made videos together.

Source: propakistani.pk

Parents of the TikToker have accused his friends of intentionally shooting their son. Ammar’s father stated, while talking to the police, that Ammar was killed due to personal enmity.

Source: oyeyeah.com

The news has left the people in shock who are now urging higher authorities to ban the app

Source: divamagazinepakistan/Instagram

A discussion about how TikTok is negatively impacting kids is going on across social media platforms

Source: divamagazinepakistan/Instagram

People also highlighted the unproductivity of the application

Source: divamagazinepakistan/Instagram

A lot of people sent out prayers for the family

Source: divamagazinepakistan/Instagram

This is not the first incident of its kind. Earlier this year, Daniyal Khan, another very famous TikToker, lost his life due to overspeeding and rash driving. What do you think about TikTok and the need to make viral videos?


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