Anchor Bilal Qutb Is Being Accused Of Giving Problematic Advice Just To Women On His Show

By Noor | 20 Aug, 2019

Bilal Qutb is being dragged for problematic advice to women on his show

The society, we’re living in today is a classic epitome of patriarchy and the frequent appearance of the cases which highlight the underlying chauvinism have proved the authenticity of this statement. So, here’s another one.


Renowned TV host Bilal Qutb is being called out for what people are calling problematic advice specifically to female callers on his show

Bilal Qutb hosts a TV show named ‘Qutb online’ on Samaa TV. The show is known for addressing the problems of the general public via the solutions under the light of religious understanding.

bilal qutab problematic
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In a recent show, while ‘helping’ a mother, Bilal Qutb gave problematic advice by telling her to let her son in law beat her daughter for a few times and instructed her to NOT interfere 

In his words, “Maar khaye ge apnay mizaj ki waja say lekin phir sab theek ho jae ga kyun kay larka bohat suljha hua hai”


To another caller Qutb advised to change herself and work on her attitude or else she will complicate the lives of all men around her

He went on to state that in the coming future, the lady’s son might also face difficulties because of her behavior. In his words, “Har shakhas aap kay saath ikhtelaaf main kyun hai, agar isi ikhtalaf main beta bhe khara hogaya tau phir kidhar jao ge.”


People on social media platforms are asserting that Bilal Qutb and his problematic statement is a perfect example of misogyny


A few have said that he always asks the women callers on his to change theirselves and be more patient


People have also said Qutb often lectures the women on the pitch of their voice and tells them that their loud volume can make their man angrier


They argued that scholars with zero sense of empathy and morals shouldn’t be allowed to tell the callers the way to lead their lives


People were clearly NOT able to digest the solutions offered by Qutb

So, this was all about it. Do you also categorize the views by this scholar as misogynistic? Let us know in the comments below.


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