An Indian Boy Was Caught While Coming To Pakistan For His Girlfriend And Full Bollywood Scene Hai

By Sana Yasmeen | 19 Jul, 2020

An Indian boy was caught while trying to come to Pakistan for his girlfriend, but his efforts were dampened. Very filmy, very Bollywood.

People have often come up with statements about the delusional reality of Bollywood films while questioning the ‘fictional’ scenarios of people crossing oceans (and borders, in some cases) for love. With films like Veer Zara, PK, and Bajrangi Bhaijan, one truly hopes for a miracle that restores their faith in being a hopeless romantic.

This 20-year old, however, has come straight out of a Bollywood movie as he went ahead and risked it all for love!

20-year old Siddiqui Mohammad Zishan was trying to cross over to Pakistan from India.

However, he was taken in by Border Security Forces, Gujarat. He had fallen unconscious in Rann of Kutch, Thar because of severe dehydration.


When interrogated by BSF, the boy admitted to trying to cross the border in order to meet the love of his life in Pakistan.

Zishan, when interrogated, stated that he had fallen in love with Samra, who happens to be a Pakistani. Their love had blossomed through an online friendship on Facebook and thus, he had traveled 1200 miles. He had intended to go to Karachi, where his girlfriend resided.

During the search operation, the BSF had found a bike that the youth had used to travel from his hometown Maharashtra and then abandoned close to the border.

Zishan was caught 1.5 kilometers from the border with a missing complaint already lodged by his parents!

Zishan’s parents had filed a missing complaint about their son after he left his hometown. He was caught only 1.5 kilometers away from the India-Pakistan international border. The boy also admitted to using Google Maps to make his way to Karachi.

With the Bollywood style cross border love story now halted, Twitter seems to be rooting for the young couple.

However, some of us, while in awe of the story, have come up with a serious question: will somebody ever love us like this?


This real-life story of Zishan and Samra is nothing short of love, romance, and a tinge of painful realization that like their love story, many love stories are left incomplete. What do you think about this? Have anything to say? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via / YRF Films

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