This Man Is Leaving Messages For Altaf Hussain, All Over Karachi

This Man Is Leaving Messages For Altaf Hussain, All Over Karachi

If you are familiar with the drama that went down in Karachi, you must know that Altaf Hussain has met with a certain misfortune. The least popular politician in Pakistan right now (and possibly forever), the infamous Karachi kingpin has not only been shunned by his party and comrades but also by his long-time BFF Mustafa Kamal.


As if the pain, humiliation and embarrassment wasn’t quite enough, an activist decided to leave a message for Altaf Hussain.

fix it
Source: Alamgir Khan Via: Facebook

Alamgir Khan first came in the public eye by starting the Fix it campaign in Karachi in order to draw attention to the uncovered manhole problem in the city, one that eventually resulted in his arrest.


The social activist painted Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah’s face around uncovered manholes and was lauded by many online and otherwise.

Source: Ayesha Saleem via: Express Tribune

Since then, Alamgir just focuses his attention to widespread problems like that of open dumpsters and littering while continuing his far wider crusade on uncovered manholes.


Along with Altaf bhai, Mehmood Khan Achakzai was also was also a hot target.

fix it 2
Source: Alamgir Khan Via: Facebook


However, the internet has mixed feelings about Alamgir’s latest move. While some were taken by the “boldness” of it all, many criticized it for politicizing his movement.


comment 2


In what started off as banking on shock factor to coerce a change out of the government, Alamgir’s association with PTI was bound to come into play at one point or the other. Many called him politically motivated from the very beginning. Meanwhile, Alamgir has taken the negativity in his stride, carrying on the good work. His personal Facebook page announced something else was in the works and we have a feeling this won’t be the last time he is in the news.


What are your thoughts on the campaign and it’s controversial figurehead?

Source: Alamgir Khan Via: Facebook

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