Here Are 11 Of The Most Glorious Varieties Of Pizza You Can Find In Pakistan

By Urfa Bhatti | 5 Mar, 2018

Pizza in Pakistan is a widely beloved food


There’s nothing quite like a warm pizza with cheese stringing off it. Heck- even last nights leftover cold pizza is so delicious. Pizza is the answer to all your woes- unless you are lactose intolerant. From thin crust to buttery thick crust, pizza in every way and form is divine. Speaking of, did you know there are various varieties of pizza available in Pakistan? Italians may have invented the pizza but Pakistanis have perfected it. Case in point: chicken tikka pizza.

Here’s a list of all the glorious versions of pizza in Pakistan and where you can find them:


1. Pan Pizza

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This is the pizza that Pakistanis first fell in love with in the 90s when the very first Pizza Hut brought pizza in Pakistan. Wood-fired thin crust pizzas may be the new fad, but there’s a special place in our heart for this thicker, fluffier, greasier crust. Pakistani’s have embraced this greasy, cheesy goodness with such faithfulness that you can now find pizzerias serving pan pizza in literally every city in the country. From Tehzeeb Bakers and Papassalis in the Twin Cities to Pizza Pie in Karachi to Fork’n’Knives in Faisalabad, to Dominos and Pizza Hut throughout the country, the options for pan pizza are endless. California Pizza, Mozerella27, Giardino Pizzeria, Sarpino’s Pizza and Broadway Pizza are some of the joints recommended by foodies.


2. Thin Crust Pizza

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If you’re looking for a “healthier” pizza, opt for a thin crust pizza available at Delish Pizza Bar, Italian Express, Cosa Nostra, The Burning Giraffe, and Pizza Originale to name a few.


3. Wood-Fired Artisan Pizza

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Original Italian pizza is made with a thin crust and baked in a wooden oven. Unlike America pizza, artisan Italian pizza is rather light and less greasy. You can find wood-fired pizzas with deliciously thin crust and an assortment of delightful toppings at multiple locations throughout Pakistan including Sweet Affairs, Pompei Station, The Pantry by Polo Lounge, Rina’s Kitchenette, Buana Sera in Islamabad and Xander’s Cafe in Karachi.


4. New York Style Pizza

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Imported from the Big Apple into Pakistan, this style of pizza is renowned for its hallmark airy, hand-tossed thin crust that is thick and crispy on the sides but soft from the center. This pizza is often sold as large slices that are folded over in half to be eaten. Available at multiple joints within the country including Manhattan Bites, The New Yorker Pizza, Broadway Pizza, Pizza Time and New York Pizza to name a few.


5. 40″ Stuffed Pizza Slice

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Broadway Pizza claims to make the largest pizza slices in Pakistan. These ginormous slices average 40 inches and come with stuffed crust. So much deliciousness *drolls*


6. Calzone

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While some pizza purists may not consider it one, a calzone or panzarotti is a folded over pocket pizza available at Kings and Queens Pizza Parlour, New York Pizza, Mozzarella 27, Pizzo and Bovinoes.


7. Deep Dish Pizza

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By now, it’s pretty clear that you can get a whole lot of varieties of pizza in Pakistan. This deep-dish Chicago specialty can be found across the country at Sweet Tooth, Cheese Factor Islamabad, and Sobremesa Karachi. Oozing with cheese, this unique pizza is more of a pot-pie than a traditional pizza. A must try for cheese lovers.


8. Upside down pizza

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An upside down pizza is a twist on the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. This delicious dish is baked in a bowl with the crust on top, then flipped over onto a plate with the cheese, tomato sauce, and delicious toppings oozing out. Unfortunately, this decadent treat is currently only available in Karachi at Meat the Cheese and Cibo Cafe. Brb, booking a flight for Karachi.


9. Fried Chicken Pizza

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In this sinister combo, the doughy crust is replaced with crispy fried chicken. Various versions of this exist within Pakistan. If you’re based in Lahore, try the delectable Chikiza at Bhooka Bridiage or Nuggiza at Street 360. In Karachi, you can find this at Valletta’s Kitchen by the name of Nugget Pizza.


10. Pizza Cake

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Source: @ItzzaPitzza/ Facebook

If cutting a cake with fondant or buttercream is too mainstream for you then try this savory version instead. It’s a deep dish pizza layered with crust, cheese, and toppings. Think of a lasagna where the lasagna sheets are replaced with pizza crust, available at Street 360 in Lahore and Itzza Pitzza in Karachi.


11. Chocolate Pizza

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Chocolate Pizza in Lahore

Is it an entree? Is it a dessert? If you're in Lahore, you can go and find out at this restaurant:

Posted by Hungerist on Samstag, 24. Februar 2018

These dessert pizzas are layered with a chocolate sauce, brownies, marshmallows and various candies. Chocoholics can venture to Sweet Tooth and Street 360 in Lahore or order a chocolate pizza from Myne’s Cakery in Lahore.

Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite type of pizza. If you’re looking for more restaurant suggestions, head over to Hungerist. You can rate and review restaurants or find the next best place to dine at. Happy eating.


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