Did Ali Zafar Just Throw Shade At Meesha Shafi With This Instagram Post?!

By Sajeer Shaikh | 15 May, 2018

By now, we’re well aware that things have heated up in our entertainment industry. The #MeToo movement arrived in Pakistan when Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. And obviously, it’s a serious matter between two high-profile industry folks. We’re all waiting for a resolution.

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However, while we’re waiting, there’s been a ton of conjecture. 

People have given their sides on the matter. Obviously, kaafi victim-blaming bhi hui hai. Fans have also decisively picked sides.

Statements have been passed…

…by both sides.

And basically, there’s been a lot of debate over the matter.

The country is torn.

Now, while Meesha has been spotted supporting causes she feels strongly about…

…and seems liberated after coming forward with the allegations…

..everything seemed a bit too quiet on Ali Zafar’s end. Well, he may have just broken his silence with a recent Instagram post. Have a look:


A post shared by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on

But, wait – hold on one second. That song. Those lyrics. That caption. Hmm. Interesting. 

Via Giphy

Let’s not even pretend like we don’t know where that song is from. 

Chal Dil Meray is one of Ali Zafar’s older songs that quite literally talks about people being thieving liars. It’s from his album Huqa Pani and dates all the way back to 2003. Sure, it’s an iconic song. But could there be more to it?

Here’s something to jog your memory, in case you guys have forgotten about the song:

And then, let’s talk about the lyrics:

Chal dil meray,

Chor ye pheray,

Yeh dunya jhooti,

Log luteiray. 

Given the current situation, we can’t help but feel like this is an ishara of sorts. Even if it isn’t, Ali Z seems to be pretty calm for a man who’s been accused of something pretty darn serious.

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram

Call me an overthinker, but the caption too. 

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram

And honestly, has no one else noticed how the video has been edited? I mean, come on…Here it is again in case you didn’t catch it the first time around.


A post shared by Ali Zafar (@ali_zafar) on

We’re not the only ones who picked up on this, btw.

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram
Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram

Others noticed…

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram
Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram

…and didn’t hesitate to comment.

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram
Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram

We’re not sure what Ali means by this. However, the song choice is definitely very telling. Do you think he’s throwing shade or nah? Let us know in the comments.



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