People Are Bringing Up Ali Zafar’s Old Tweets To Support Meesha Shafi's Allegations

By Iman Zia | 19 Apr, 2018

In a shocking revelation, Meesha Shafi has accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. The singer and actress took to Twitter to release a statement regarding the matter, and although didn’t delve into the exact timing or place of the abuse, expressed how her conscience could no longer let her live in silence.


Meesha took to Twitter to speak up about the various ‘incidences’ where Ali Zafar sexually harassed her

The singer urged all women to speak up, stating that ‘we only have our voices, and the time has come to use them.’

Source: @@itsmeeshashafi/Twitter 


This comes in a new dawn of sexual allegations on an international level, after the infamous Harvey Weinstein scandal that shook the world. Women within Pakistan such as Nadia Jamil and Frieha Altaf also came out to discuss their personal and harrowing experiences of sexual harassment.


Meesha’s statement immediately broke social media, and old tweets from Ali Zafar have begun to resurface, tarnishing his reputation and adding further fuel to Meesha’s allegations


Source: @AliZafarsays/Twitter


Source: @AliZafarsays/Twitter



This disturbing tweet, in particular, has raised many eyebrows, as Ali defines his rather disturbing definition of consent

Source: @AliZafarsays/Twitter

Another tweet from 2011 had the singer referring to how women are depriving men of bathing ‘topless’ on the Lahore canal, implying men are already providing a certain level of satisfaction to women

Source: @AliZafarsays/Twitter


‘Dunya News’ tried to contact Ali, but he has thus far refused to comment

Source: @DunyaNews/Twitter




What are your thoughts on the singer’s tweets?


Meesha Shafi Has Accused Ali Zafar Of Sexual Harassment And Just WTF

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