Ali Zafar And His Wife, Ayesha Fazli Did Their First TV Interview Together, And Here's Everything They Said

By Arslan Athar | 29 Apr, 2019

Up till a few days ago, the Meesha-Ali case was being handled purely by their lawyers. We heard no word come directly from either singer. This changed a few days back when Ali Zafar gave a statement in front of the Lahore Sessions Court.


Following this, Ali Zafar gave an interview on GEO TV as well. 

The singer/actor cried as he talked about the case. He claimed that he is ‘be kasoor’ and asked Meesha Shafi to ‘end this fiasco’.


One person that we had not heard from in the entirety of this case was Ali Zafar’s wife, Ayesha Fazli. 

She sent out a strongly worded tweet yesterday, breaking her silence about the case.


The couple appeared on ARY News’ morning show, ‘Bekhabar Savera’. This is their first appearance together since the case began.

The couple held Meesha Shafi’s lawyer, Nighat Dad, accountable for her use of ‘fake accounts’ on social media to build a certain narrative about the case. Ali Zafar talks about how these seemingly obvious fake accounts would suddenly become active if there was a shift in the case that went against Meesha Shafi and her story. They substantiated this story with screenshots of these accounts- they were mostly followed by Meesha’s legal team or her family. He calls this out as ‘cybercrime’ and claims to have started an FIA investigation. Furthermore, he talked about how his manager saw a tweet, threatening Ali and his career. This happened soon after the teaser of ‘Teefa in Trouble’ released.

They also talked about a particular account called ‘Neha Saigol’. Ali Zafar addresses Nighat Dad directly and asks her how she feels about the cyberbullying Ayesha Fazli has to face on a daily basis- considering that Nighat Dad is an activist for creating a safe internet space.

Source: Bakhabar Savera/ Facebook


The topic then shifted to Ayesha Fazli and her tweet. 

She talked about how, as a wife, a mother and a daughter, she cannot forgive all that her family has had to go through. Ayesha goes on to detail for how long she has known Meesha. The two women have known each other since their school days. Ayesha questions why Meesha didn’t come to her if something was wrong. For Ayesha, the fact that Meesha went to Twitter, rather than resolving this issue internally, is a sign that Meesha had nefarious intentions.

Source: Bakhabar Savera/ Facebook


The couple also talked about Meesha Shafi’s reputation. 

They dive into what some people online have had to say about Meesha Shafi’s character. These are all people who claim to have known Meesha in her school and college days. They basically try to establish that Meesha is someone who blackmails frequently, someone who was known as a bully and would only have things her way.

Source: Bakhabar Savera/ Facebook


Ali Zafar also detailed how Meesha’s allegations were perfectly timed to ruin his career and upcoming projects.

He talks about he had signed on a major contract and was packing to leave for Karachi. He said his flight was at 6 PM and was packing at 4. The same day, at 4:30 PM, Meesha Shafi releases her statement, accusing Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. He says, ‘uss ne mujhe wahan pohanchne nahin diya’, referring to Karachi and the work that awaited him there.

Source: Bakhabar Savera/ Facebook


Towards the end, Ali Zafar challenges Meesha Shafi to come in front of the media and in front of a court and tell her side of the story. He wants Pakistan to see that she is lying and that this case is baseless and untrue.

Realistically, it seems unlikely that Meesha Shafi will speak up publically, given that the court has ordered a gag order against her, and she has yet to ignore the order.

You can watch the entire interview here.

Ali Zafar Believes Meesha Is Pulling A Malala For International Recognition In His Recent Statement

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