Ali Sethi And Adeel Husain Might Collaborate Soon And I'm SUPER Excited

By Sana Yasmeen | 1 Nov, 2020

Adeel Husain is a man known for his superbly performed roles in projects such as Daam, Ho Mann Jahan, and Dobara Phir Se. He has managed to charm us all with not just his acting skills but also because he is such an amazing person.

MangoBaaz’s Sajeer Shaikh sat down with Adeel Husain in a virtual session to talk about his life during the lockdown, while also talking about the changes the current situation may bring.

Adeel Husain stated that although things have been quite crazy and new after the whole pandemic, he has been trying to maintain a firm routine with regards to his sleeping pattern. Basically, he’s trying to stay on schedule. He said that he just tries to manage his mind.

He also stated that luckily he hasn’t been under excessive troll attacks and it depends on one’s personality as to whether they’d prefer to engage in such trolling conversations or not and one has to be tough if one decides to be out there.

Source: @MangoBaaz/ Instagram

While answering some questions, Adeel talked about the possibility of upcoming projects and the industry during this pandemic.

He stated that since the entertainment production is unsure, therefore he, himself, doesn’t know about his next project but he is working on multiple scripts. Talking about the future of the entertainment industry, Adeel stated that it is being said that content would be taken into one’s own hands and hopefully, collaborations would be done and appreciated.

When asked if he would do a Bollywood movie, Adeel said that with the blessings of his country, he would go anywhere to represent his country. Answering a fan’s question regarding the fields outside storytelling that he would pursue, Adeel said that he would pursue drawing.

Expressing his opinion about the revival of our entertainment industry, Adeel said that it happened during an exciting time and people could get behind it. However, he stated that there’s always room for improvement and better direction would be a great step to take.

Source: @MangoBaaz/ Instagram

The conversation also stirred towards Adeel’s favorite Hollywood directors and his opinions on other issues.

Whilst talking to MangoBaaz, Adeel stated that it would be like a dream come true to be a part of projects directed by the likes of Christopher Nolan.

Giving his opinion about Asim Raza, Adeel stated that he found him to be an amazing and thoroughly hardworking man whom he has known for quite a time. Moving forward to his working experience with Mawra, he spoke that Mawra is amazing and a thorough professional.

While answering a question about his most challenging roles, he stated that he is always a little nervous about his roles but his role in the drama ‘Mora Piya’ greatly exhausted him.

When asked about his plans after the lockdown, Adeel said that he would love to go out in the street and dance his heart out but honestly, he had no idea.

Ali Sethi made a surprise appearance in the comments section and Adeel Husain expressed his wish to sing Ali’s song. AND ALI AGREED.

Ali Sethi made a surprise appearance in the comments section of the live video, leaving our host and guest completely stunned and ecstatic. Adeel Husain also expressed that he wanted to do one of Ali’s song and they decide to make further decisions on WhatsApp. Adeel stated how he loved Ali Sethi and he was a phenomenal individual. They pretty much decided on a collab on our live session.

Talking about social media, Adeel stated how he had a love-hate relationship with social media as he gets rather suspicious of it for eating away at one’s time.

Source: @MangoBaaz / Instagram

Sajeer and Adeel Husain also played a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and I secretly wish I could’ve been a part of it too!

Adeel answered some of the ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions regarding the regrets of his roles he has taken or refused to play and other interesting questions.

Source: @MangoBaaz/ Instagram


You can enjoy the complete interview over here:


Well well, I am super excited about the possible collaboration between Ali Sethi and Adeel Husain! Also, do we not all love Adeel so much more for being such a jolly person? Anyway, what do you think about the virtual session? Got any ideas about which song Adeel would go for? Let us know in the comments below.


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