Ali Khan Tareen Adorably Missing His Dad Is Making Pakistanis Go, “Aww”

By Ramsha Bhatti | 1 Sep, 2018

So everyone is fully aware of the “Tareen” clan. Jahangir Khan Tareen has made national headlines with his undeterred support for PM Imran Khan. Following his disqualification his son, Ali Khan Tareen was brought to the political forefront and like always, Pakistani pagal ho gaye the.

source: @instagram/aliktareen

Then Jahangir Khan Tareen further stirred headlines as he turned into the national meme of Pakistan while attempting to gather the political support of individual candidates for PTI.

 Here are all the memes that were made. Kuch memes toh actually bohat funny then.

I mean of course there was money involved and, thus, Jahangir Tareen came to be recognized as one of the “Ameer Tareen” members of PTI. Get it? Get it?

source: Giphy

Moving on, no one can deny that the father-son duo is powerful and has made its presence felt in the Pakistani political ground. 

source: @instagram/aliktareen

Their resolute support for PM Imran Khan has been evident since the inception of their political tie-up PTI and has won the hearts of many across the country. However, it is not just their political struggle which is warming the hearts of Pakistan, but the two share a bond which is insanely cute.

Ali Khan Tareen just finished his MBA and, sadly, attended his graduation alone. On the joyous occasion, Ali Khan Tareen shared the following tweet which has Pakistanis swooning.

Am I crying? No…

source: Giphy

I guess all of Pakistan could relate to missing their parents at some point in their life!

I mean even I remember the time I missed my mom’s frantic, constant checks on me during exam season when she went away for a wedding.

Like good citizens, Pakistanis are coming in to support Ali Tareen and congratulate him on achieving another milestone.

Boy ne masters bhe kar lia. Congratulate karna toh must tha.

At the same time, Pakistani could not help but be thankful for Jahangir Khan Tareen’s love and support for Pakistan.

Wow, Pakistanis really love him.

Lolol, did anyone see the Akela Tareen hashtag?

Love the fact that he is not just smart but witty too.

This father-son relationship is actual goals. However, I am fine with my mundane parent-daughter relationship; can’t be alone on my big days. I desperately need my mommy there on every occasion, would otherwise cry.

On the other hand, what do you think about this cute gesture? Have any similar instances to share with us?


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