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Airblue’s Response To The Sleeping PIA Pilot Proves Airlines Have No Chill In The Best Way

Airblue’s Response To The Sleeping PIA Pilot Proves Airlines Have No Chill In The Best Way

Some of you might have seen a certain image of a certain PIA pilot taking a nap while on-board as a flight captain.  Which obviously caused a stir on social media.

In case you haven’t seen it, this is the lovely portrait:

Via: The Express Tribune

The senior pilot, Captain Amir Hashmi, took a two and a half hour nap and immediately received a ton of backlash for catching up on some Zzz’s.

Since people like to hate on PIA anyway, it wasn’t long before people on the interwebs pounced at the opportunity to throw some shade:

Lol, that was aggressive.

In reality,  the situation was not that dramatic, the plane was not flying into the abyss and a trainee pilot had complete control of the wheel (wheel? steer? wings?)


So chill, Pakistan. Chill.

You know who also needs to chill? (But not, because it was hilarious) – Air Blue.

The airline was quick to respond to the news of the snoozing pilot and decided to jump on the opportunity to throw some shade as well.


*Drum roll please*

Source: AirBlue Via: Facebook

You’ve got to admit, the picture was pretty genius. The cute old man? The thumbs up? The catchy phrase? – Air Blue hit the trifecta.


It seems other people were fans of the savagery as well:

Source: AirBlue Via: Facebook


Some were quick to clapback ???

Source: AirBlue Via: Facebook

And some had other choice words…

Source: AirBlue Via: Facebook


Source: AirBlue Via: Facebook


After the whole United fiasco,  it seemed as if airlines around the world upped their PR games and Airblue did not disappoint.

Keep up the good work you guys! You gave us the funnies.

Via: Deenga

What did you guys think of the clapback? Funny? Tasteless? Funny tasteless? Tasty? Are you hungry now?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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