BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Shehzad Accuses Shahid Afridi Of Cheating

BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Shehzad Accuses Shahid Afridi Of Cheating

BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Shehzad Accuses Shahid Afridi Of Cheating

Ahmed Shehzad has been of significant attention for the media this month and not for the right reasons. First it was for not being selected for the ICC cricket T20 World Cup squad and then he got into a scuffle with Wahab Riaz.

Heads up: this is satire.

Now the selfie maestro has come forward and made some startling revelations against his bro Shahid Afridi

According to Ahmed Shehzad it all started before the 2015 World Cup when both Shehzad took a selfie with Afridi. But then it just went downhill from there. Reminiscing about the “good times”, Shehzad said:

“We were BFFs from the very first click, it was fate. I would bathe with him”

source: Youtube / MSK


“We would go to picnics together in Peshawar, lie in the beautiful green grass and take selfies”

Source: Samaawww


“I was his special person. His very own hairstylist and fashion consultant”

“His hair became an iconic feature of his look because of me.”

Source: stayconnecting


“I was always behind him”



“Or in front, when he needed me to be”

“We turned cricket tours into vacations, just for the two of us.”




” I lived for his gentle touch”

“With just a swish of his warm fingers across my face he could inspire me to be a better person.”



“I put him above everyone else in my life”

“I was more excited about seeing him than my own wife, on my wedding day.”

Source: Dawn


“I was his Anushka and he was my Kohli”

He was very careful to maintain, though, that their Anuskha-Kohli relationship was strictly platonic.

Ahmed further elaborated that people started getting jealous of the close relationship between him and Afridi. Our reporter Aam Nawab contacted some of their teammates for clarification on this allegation by Shehzad and on conditions of anonymity some of them responded by saying that seeing the proximity between the two national players was simply very disgusting and it was making it hard to concentrate on the game.

via: kghub

Reportedly when ever Shehzad and Afridi were left alone in the dressing room, one of them would end up unclothed and it was sort of getting difficult to hide it from the media. The exclusive image obtained by our reporter, above, was taken by him when he stood outside their dressing room for a mere 15 minutes.



But, according to Shehzad, he could sense Afridi was cheating on him

Our sources claim Afridi stopped taking Ahmed Shehzad’s calls and messages and even started appearing in other people’s selfies. It was pretty evident what was happening.

via: dunyanews


” He started seeing other players, behind my back”

Fighting back tears, Shehzad said that the final nail in the coffin was this selfie which Wahab Whatsapped to Ahmed the day the T20 squad was announced.

For the image above, Shehzad wanted to include this message that he hopes reaches Afridi, “to the world it was the opening of Mr. Afridi’s restaurant Splice, but to me it was a slice to my heart.”

According to Ahmed Shehzad, even the scuffle between him and Wahab wasn’t really because of any professional rivalry or anger issues on his part, it was because of Mr. Afridi that the two players got into a fight.


On this note, Shehzad wanted to end with this final note for Shahid Afridi:

“Friends and lovers come and go, selfies are there to stay and i’m the master of those, so whenever you take your next selfie, remember that. Always.”

via: The News Teller




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