Ahmed Godil Can't Seem To Decide If He's In Or Out Of The PSL And Yeh Ho Kya Raha Hai?

By Noor | 23 Feb, 2020

Ahmed Godil, the host of the opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the PSL became meme fodder right after the ceremony went on air. Since then, he has been making headlines by issuing statements one after the other. The host has issued ‘another’ statement which includes some shocking revelations about the whole PSL thing. Let us fill in you with the details of it.

Ahmed Godil has revealed that he has been brutally ‘thrown out’ of the PSL management and he has lost his job

He posted a video message to communicate his story all across the country. In his tweet, Godil mentioned that he is no more a part of the PSL thing and the trolling has severely damaged his career. He congratulated the trolls and asked them to celebrate because the country as a nation has failed. He further said that PCB did not own the faults and instead humiliated him.

He also said that PCB blamed him for clarifying his stance regarding the controversy which arose due to the PCB itself. He ended his tweet by writing, ” Doston aaj aik awaaz hamesha hamesha kay liye band hogayi.”

Soon after his tweets, Ahmed posted a video message on his Facebook account to discuss the matter in depth

Like his tweet, the message by the host also began with a general congratulations for the trolls. He further questioned the trolls by asking that was he the only one responsible for the mishaps in the ceremony? He wanted the audience to blame the ‘right’ person for all the chaos created in the ceremony. In his words, “Why me?!”

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook

Godil accused PCB of kicking him out because he went to different media channels for clarifying his stance

He stated that he worked really hard but this is how he has got treated by the authorities.

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook

He recently revealed that he wasn’t allowed to play the anthems sung by Ali Zafar and allegedly, this statement of his ended up with him being sacked by the PCB

People urged Godil to stay strong and convinced him to NOT give up

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook

They admitted that Ahmed is extremely talented and said that a few haters will always try to demotivate him but he should keep pursuing his dream

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook

A few apologized for the trolling and were shocked to see the consequences

People argued that Godil is undoubtedly one of the best hosts and the mismanagement in the ceremony hampered his performance

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook

They consoled Ahmed and convinced him to fight for his rights 

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook

People were sad for the host and wished him luck for the future 

Source: @Ahmed Godil/Facebook


However, he recently also shared THIS:

This resulted in people trolling him again.

With Ahmed Godil, it’s just becoming harder and harder to keep up. What do you think is happening? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via Ahmed Godil

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