Darren Sammy Is Getting A Pakistani Citizenship And Honorary Hai Toh Kiya Hua, Citizenship Citizenship Hoti Hai

By Maryam Khalid | 22 Feb, 2020

The West Indian player Darren Sammy is getting citizenship for Pakistan

Darren Sammy has becomequite a national sweetheart since the advent of PSL. From his impeccable captaincy of Peshawar Zalmi to flaunting our cultural outfits, the West Indian cricketer has quickly made a place for himself within Pakistani fans’ hearts.


Only recently, Pakistanis had demanded on social media that Darren Sammy get citizenship of Pakistan


Now hold your hearts because Darren Sammy is getting that citizenship, it’s an honorary one but he will become a Pakistani

PCB announced that President Arif Alvi is going to award him in a ceremony on March 23, 2020. Looks like people’s demands have been heard.


Naturally, Pakistanis are super happy about this news


Some people couldn’t help but joke about the new “problems” that Darren Sammy might get because of his new citizenship

The age old jokes about how if he does become a Pakistani then Sammy would have to undergo extra scrutiny at airports and all were cracked by some folks.


But others were quick to clarify that all this celebration about Sammy needs to be reined in because it’s just an “honorary” one

Yeah, yeah. An honorary citizenship makes you as much a Pakistani as a honorary Ph.D makes you a “doctor” but still. As a wise man once said, citizenship citizenship hoti hai, chahay asli ho ya nakli.

Whatever the case, Pakistani fans of the West Indian cricket star are super excited about this news. Darren Sammy has yet to comment on the news but I imagine he is going to share his gratitude. Now, imagine: Sammy dressed in kurta shalwar and wearing Peshawari chappals to receive his citizenship. His fans are going to have another moment of extreme excitement. Can’t wait for March 23 to come any quicker.


Cover image via: geosuper.tv

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