15 Of The Funniest Jokes By Pakistanis That Are More Entertaining Than The PSL Opening Ceremony Last Night

By Maryam Khalid | 21 Feb, 2020

Did you see the PSL opening ceremony last night?

Enough with all sabar kay imtehans! PSL is around the corner and 2020 is finally starting for all of us. We are starting a whole new season of drooling over Zainab Abbas, trolling Lahore Qalandars and of course, adoring Darren Sammy! This time, all of the matches will be played in Pakistan and I am beyond excited!

The PSL opening ceremony last night in Karachi kicked off the fifth edition of the event

The ceremony featured vibrant fireworks, elaborate orchestra and more than 350 artistes, apparently.


But Pakistanis were left rather underwhelmed by the PSL opening ceremony, to say the least

While the ceremony was unfolding Pakistanis unleashed their creativity and trolling skills to comment about their reactions on the event.


They took a dig at the choice of the host for the PSL opening ceremony, which has become quite the topic of conversation


Many were mocking those who were sitting at the stadium having to watch the PSL opening ceremony live because they had spent their hard earned money on tickets for it


People noticed how the crowd of the stadium was also left unimpressed by the event, evidenced by their lack of enthusiasm


Aima Baig was singled out as the one highlight of the ceremony, though many compared her to Ariana Grande

Do you see it too?


As the ceremony ended, people chose to share their reviews about it


But there was something good that came out of the PSL opening ceremony

People have flooded the internet since the ceremony last night, expressing their disappointment with the lackluster event. While it was definitely rather haphazard and ill-planned, one must also realize that because of having seen much more high profile events like the American Super Bowl halftime show and Indian Premier League ceremonies that feature some of the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood stars, respectively, people do tend to make comparisons. Frankly, our entertainment industry is miles behind them because of various cultural, religious and authoritative impediments not letting it flourish independently to be able to put on shows as refined as them.


Host Ahmed Godil Just Responded To All The Jokes And Got Trolled Back Harder


Cover image via bolnews.com / @ARYSports_Web via Twitter

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