PSL Opening Ceremony Host Ahmed Godil Just Responded To All The Jokes And Got Trolled Back Harder

By Maryam Khalid | 21 Feb, 2020

Host Ahmed Godil was probably the only entertaining thing about the PSL opening ceremony last night.

While the PSL opening ceremony was an extremely underwhelming start to the fifth edition of the cricketing tournament, people are excited that this time the whole event is happening in Pakistan so we’d get to see some great sports in all its glorym in our home grounds.

But back to the opening ceremony, while most else was extremely underwhelming for the audience, the host definitely became the first meme of PSL.


The opening ceremony host Ahmed Godil has become the target of many a  jokes since the event last night


Many were left wondering why the host, who was relatively unknown up to that point, was presenting the way he was presenting

People were questioning his style, his need to keep on wearing the dark glasses while hosting the event and some even called him out for allegedly trying to mimic the Prime Minister. More on all of that later.


The biggest question for many was, why was he there anyway?


People didn’t forgive host Ahmed Godil for disappointing them

Garma-garm memes were rolled out.


Soon, many of the jokes targeting host Ahmed Godil got a little too far


People trolled him for what everyone felt was his mimicry of Prime Minister Imran Khan

Well, that happens when you host a sporting event like you’re doing a jalsa.


After all that savagery from Pakistani awaam the host Ahmed Godil responded, saying that those criticizing him were jealous

Uh oh… by trying to clap back at the trolling, he kind of hit himself in the foot and opened himself to even more jokes from social media.


So of course, people only trolled him harder

Source: VJ Godil /Facebook
Source: VJ Godil / Facebook


Source: VJ Godil / Facebook

These are only the most shareef jokes we could share. Others are next level.


Because the trolling looks never-ending, host Ahmed Godil has now tried to explain his situation

Appearing to have been affected by all the jokes and trolling, Ahmed said that he has suffered from trauma because of all the criticism. He said he was unable to understand why he went viral and requested people to give him constructive criticism instead of unleashing all the trolling.

He said he was worried for his career because of the “campaign” against him.

What do you think about Ahmed Godil and all the jokes about his hosting skills for PSL opening ceremony?


Cover image via @fazuliyat / @ImGodil77 via Twitter

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